Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stimulus Package Saves Jobs

I would like to declare that as a result of my own stimulus package, I have saved well over 3,000,000 jobs in the month of October. I have purchased groceries from Costco, Walmart, and Aldi. I purchased a computer power cord from Provantage. I paid my mortgage. I have paid KCP&L and MGE for my electricity and Gas, I paid AT&T for my home phone and T-Mobile for my cell plan. I paid Time Warner Cable for my internet. I paid a storage company. I have made my monthly payments to Netflix and my community center. I have purchased gas, sodas, and hotdogs from Quicktrip. I have purchased meals from McDonald’s, Jose Peppers, Chipolte, Longboards, Little Ceasar’s, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, and Thai Place. I have paid for my car and home insurance. I have also paid taxes to the city, county, state and federal governments. Now, I realize that a “saved” job is not a real statistic that can be quantified, so I will say that without my money, each of these firms would have had to fire people. My 3 million jobs far exceeds the 30,000 jobs “saved” through the stimulus package. Now that I have saved all of these jobs, do I get to run these companies as Obama believes. Let’s get real here. What really saves jobs is real spending and not stimulus.


Troy said...

Lets be realistic here - I know about how much you make and you couldn't have saved more than 10,000 jobs - max.

Kansas Bob said...

HEY!!! What about the bankers??? For each of those folks you saved you probably cost the job of at least 3 bankers! Use a credit card and save banking jobs!!