Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Talk Radio's Effect on the Blogosphere

About 3 months ago, I took a new position at work. My previous position involved lots of meetings and questions and very little time at my desk. My new position keeps me tied to my computer all day. As a result, the amount of talk radio that I listen to has increased by 100%. I used to only listen to talk radio in my car or a rare opportunity of continuous desk work. Now it is an overdose. The effect of this exposure to talk radio has been a decrease in the amount of blog posts I put out. At best, I put out one post a day. These posts reflected my views on the news of the day and the direction of the nation. I was oblivious to whether or not my views or topics were being covered by talk radio. Now, the wind has been taken out of my blogging sails. Anything that I would blog about is something I end up hearing already covered on talk radio. This has also highlighted a lack of diversity in subject matter. All I ever want to blog about is Socialism and Obama policies, which are often one and the same, but talk radio has the market cornered. If you are a loyal reader, please offer your suggestions for subjects to cover. Some of my special passions are, movies, history, science, childbirth, running, dave ramsey. Maybe that is enough. I could do Movie Monday, Childbirth Tuesday, Ramsey Wednesday, Running Thursday, Science and History Friday.


Kansas Bob said...

I like your list! I might add Faith Friday :)

How is class enrollment going?

Troy said...

Bob is right - Faith. But do Theological Thursday (Skip the running, cause its blogging, not jogging). I'll task a double order of history (bring some Zulu War nuggets out). Also I'll take 'Young Earth Science' for 1000 points. Anything you write is great.