Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Media's Repetitive Nature: Stories You Hear Over and Over Again

There are many repetitive stories that are not needed, yet they are reported year after year as if they are brand new. Here are a few of the stories:

1. Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year.
2. There will be flight delays during busy travel times.
3. You should have emergency gear in your car, as well as 3 days worth of supplies for any ice or snow event.
4. The day after Thanksgiving, known as black Friday, is the busiest shopping day of the year.
5. Economist are always surprised at how different the economy is from what the predicted, such as jobless claims and consumer spending.
6. Anything any person does adversely affects the environment
7. There is a thing called the “flu” season and there are flu shots that will be in short supply.
8. The 4th of July is dangerous because of fireworks. There are so many safe and lame alternatives to fireworks, “funnerworks”, like clapping your hands or turning on and off the lights.
9. Each August, children will return to school and they will have a hard time waking up and not be in a good mood, especially when they have the local media in their bedrooms to watch them get dressed.
10. Trick-or-treating can be dangerous for many reasons. You should make sure mask eye holes are large enough to see and throw all of your candy away because even if it isn’t poisoned by a criminal, the sugar will kill you
11. Americans are overweight.
12. The sun is dangerous and you should used plenty of sunscreen.
13. Your neighbor is in dire need, pick a neighbor and he probably thinks the same about you.
14. The stock market will fluctuate based on everything other than the financial success of the individual firm.
15. The price of oil will fluctuate based on everything under the sun.

If you have any ideas, feel free to add them.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What if Healthcare Decisions Were Made Like the Budget.

A mother and her children waited in the waiting room of the Emergency room. The doctor stepped into the doorway, a grim look was on his face. “Mrs. Doe?”
Before he spoke the words, Mrs. Doe knew he had come out to speak to her. It was her husband that had been flown to the hospital via life flight following his accident on his way home from work. She had debated with herself on whether or not to bring the children because of this exact conversation. She didn’t know his exact condition except that it was critical. This may be the kids last chance to see their father. She stood up to face the doctor. “Yes. I’m Mrs. Doe.”
“I’m Dr. Obama, the chief of medicine at this Hospital. I know you have your children here, but I don’t know any other way to give you the news. Your husband has suffered substantial internal injuries from the impact. He is bleeding internally and his brain is at risk from not getting enough blood. I don’t know if he can make it. Now, I have an idea for saving him, but it will require your consent, which is why I am speaking to you now.”
“What is it. I’ll do anything.”
“Mrs. Doe, a crisis like this could cloud your judgment. I want to make sure you are allowed at least 30 seconds to compose yourself before you respond to my proposal. I also want you to know that I only plan on giving you some of the details of the procedure as you will not be capable of understanding its complexities, but you can trust me. “
Mrs. Doe was puzzled at the doctors statements, but he was right. This was a crisis and she needed to be prepared for anything. “What’s your plan doctor.”
“Mrs. Doe, his internal bleeding is causing a red blood cell count deficit. What I need to do is to jump start the red blood cell production. My plan is to insert a tube into his main artery and allow his blood to flow into an assortment of bags that will sit on a shelf and never flow back into his body.”
Mrs. Doe had no medical training, but she had watched Grey’s Anatomy on TV. “But doctor, won’t draining his blood cause a larger red blood cell deficit, eventually leading to his death.”
“Mrs. Doe, I know it seems contrary to logic. I’m sure you think I should go in and seal up the wound that is causing the internal bleeding and allow for his body to replenish itself.”
“Well, yes I would.”
“That is why I’m the chief of medicine and you are just a housewife. You aren’t seeing the big picture here. Next to your husband’s room is another patient, a Chinese man that is in need of a blood transfusion. Over the last several years, this man has given our hospital countless units of blood on loan. Now, he is calling in his loan. Unfortunately, our domestic red blood cells are not worth what they used to be, which is why we have to bleed your husband dry while his heart is still beating.”
“But he’ll die. Aren’t you sworn to save lives and not take them.”
“Exactly who have a sworn to Mrs. Doe? God or some ancient Greek philosopher? My oath is to medicine. You have 5 people in your family, and that’s a lot of blood, more than the average family unit. This crisis has allowed me to distribute the blood that your family hoards to those more in need.”
“But your giving it all to the Chinese man.”
“That Chinese man helped to get me elected to be the chief of medicine. I owe him”
Mrs. Doe was dumbfounded, she couldn’t believe that her husband was being bled dry right in front of her. The doctor didn’t even try to hide his intentions. She wanted to run into unit and rush her husband to another hospital, but which hospital would she go to. All of the other hospitals had been practicing medicine the way Dr. Obama was planning on doing now. Even though the patients were bleed to death, people still had to wait months to get in, and her husband didn’t have that kind of time.
While Mrs. Doe pondered her situation, a nurse entered the room to speak to the doctor. “Doctor Obama, we finished bleeding Mr. Doe. There’s not a drop left”
Mrs. Doe screamed, “What have you done. I never gave my consent.”
Dr. Obama tried to reassure her. “I’m sorry Mrs. Doe. Speaking to you was actually just a façade. I don’t need your consent. I, along with my surgical procedure czar, made the decision before I even came to speak to you. I hope you understand that we had to act or risk losing your husband.”
“Risk losing my husband. What are you talking about, you killed him.”
“That’s what makes this so hard.”
The nurse interjected. “I’m afraid it’s harder than you think doctor. Mr. Doe was not able to provide all of the blood we needed. The Chinese man needs more blood.”
“Mrs. Doe, I’m afraid this news is no good. We still have a crisis. May I ask what blood type your children are?”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama's Most Outrageous Statement: Debt Could Cause Recession

I glanced at a headline this morning and had to double check the address to make sure that I wasn't on comedy Central's website. Our beloved President. The President that has grown our national debt at the fastest and largest rate in history is now saying that US debt could fuel a 2nd recession(as if the 1st ever ended). My jaw just hit the floor. This is the same president that wants to grow the debt even further with his health care bill. This is the same president that wants to grow the debt even further with a second stimulus package. This is the same party that said TARP and Stimulus were about creating jobs, while both now race to create a jobs bill and a jobs summit. If Obama has had a real change of heart(i doubt it because it is really all about causing a crisis to gain power), I think we have the Chinese to thank. Yes, our friends, the communist Chinese were likely the ones that enlightened Obama on the virtues of the free market.
In a previous post, I examined the simple logic around the use of tax money, real or unreal, to grow the economy. The logic says that if the expenditure of some of the government treasury will stimulate the economy, then a larger expenditure will stimulate the economy more. Therefore, the sole purpose of the government should be to grow the economy. Well, you know that isn't how it works and Obama's logic is flawed. Now, Obama is stating actual logic. So let's take it all the way out. If some government debt is bad for the economy, then a lot of government debt is worse for the economy.

Why Does the Funny Bone Hurt so Much?

Why is it that when we bang part of our elbow on something and experience excruciating pain we wince and groan and say the phrase, “Ow, my funny bone.” I decided to do some research on the topic. The phrase is believed to be a pun on the Humerus bone. That is where the humor ends. The pain comes from the injuring of the largest unprotected nerve in the body that does not provide a sensory function. As I type this post, I am still wincing from my injury. The article said that the nerve extends to the small finger. How very descript as my arm tingles from elbow to pinky. According to Wikipedia:

“One method of injuring the nerve is to strike the medial epicondyle of the humerus from posteriorly, or inferiorly with the elbow flexed. The ulnar nerve is trapped between the bone and the overlying skin at this point.”

I remember injuring this nerve so bad about 14 years ago that I laid in the back of a truck bed in the fetal position for at least 15 minutes. I’m sure it was quite “funny” to my co-workers or any other passerby. My one question is to God. Lord, why did you leave this nerve exposed. I’m sure there is a perfect reason for it, but couldn’t we have been given a little protection.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Switch to Firefox from Explorer

I have now joined the ranks of those that have abandoned internet explorer in favor of firefox. For a long time, I have know that firefox is better than explorer. Out of habit, I have continued to plug away at explorer. Since I received a new computer, I have noticed the shortcomings of explorer in a more acute way. Firefox is much more capable of playing media without the need of constant downloads. I also like their functionality around downloads and being able to save your session when you close. If Firefox is this much better than explorer, I wonder how much better apple is to a windows pc.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Takes the Enron Approach to Fix the Economy.

I was joking around with a couple of friends on using Obama’s strategy on the economy as a way to stimulate growth in his own line of business. I said that to bridge the gap between actual and projection, the larger division of the company should buy product from the smaller division as a means of stimulus. Sure, it would show up on the books as a positive for the one division and a negative on the other, but that doesn’t matter. Then, there should be a cash for clunkers type of program. The larger division will provide a substantial discount, that will be applied directly to the smaller one, to clients that want to trade in their old stock and purchase new. Very important here too is that the old stock must be destroyed, even if it is considered an asset that could be resold for profit. The result again would be a bump in the profit of the smaller division, how bet it temporary. Now, it is the 3rd quarter. Both of the previous measures have only resulted in temporary spikes with no long lasting impact. The small division had to hire about 5 people to deal with the new business spawned by the larger division. In the 3rd quarter, the smaller division had to let the 5 people go, plus one additional person that already existed. The larger division now gets to get credit for saving 6 jobs in the first half of the year. 4th quarter looks bleak again. All customers are still in a freeze, waiting to see what direction the larger division will go to support the smaller division. To add to the problem, investors in the larger division are starting to sell their stock and put their money in Gold because the solvency of the larger division has been compromised by bailing out the smaller division. The president of the company says that to solve the jobs issue at the company as a whole, he will hold a job’s summit. Customer’s will laugh and decide to move the rest of their money to gold or a Chinese company.
Anyway, isn’t Obama’s strategy the same as Enron. Didn’t Enron just bail itself out the same way as our government. Right now, you have all of Asia saying that they don’t want to end up like Enron Stockholders. If they sell, watch out.

Obama Bows Before World Leaders, Again

I’m not surprised by the bowing of Obama to Japan’s Emperor or to the Saudi King. What I am surprised by is the lack of other photographic instances of capturing Obama in the act of a bow. After all, Obama is required to bow in prayer to Allah 5 times a day. Really though, can you really believe this is our reality. If you voted for Obama, did you count on him laying down at the feet of every official he comes across. There is a great movie, Empire of the Sun, featuring a young Christian Bale as a 12 year old boy forced to live out World War 2 without his parents in a Japanese concentration camp for the British in China. You watch him grow up and become responsible, while at the same time, try to hang on to a part of his youth that was stolen. In one scene, the Japanese guards go to break out the windows of the hospital in retaliation for an air raid. Young Bale runs to the hospital and falls to the ground in front of the main guard, bowing and showing respect. The guard decides to spare the hospital. Later, the same situation occurs. This time, the guard looks at bale and smacks him in the face. The lesson here is that bowing only works for so long to appease the use of force.
Barrak Obama has been busy bowing to the nations that have us in a vulnerable position. So far, these nations have spared us. They spare us because when you bow, you let the other person know that you are their subordinate. Eventually, these nations are just going to smack Obama in the face. The unfortunate part for us is that when Obama gets smacked, we do to.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Why is Obama Soft On Muslims? He is one!

Since the Ft. Hood shooting, we have been hit with the kind of doublespeak only written about in Orwellian Novels. We are told by everyone in the administration that Hasan, the muslim shooter at Ft. Hood, acted out of everything but his muslim faith, from stress to insanity. Despite the unbelievable amount of evidence pointing to a terrorist attack, we are still told it was not so. The good thing here is that the public doesn’t buy it and the media is not trying to sell it as hard. The real question in all of this is why. Why is this administration adamant about not calling it an act of terror. The majority of pundits are saying it is because he doesn’t want to have to admit to an act of terror under his administration. I partly believe that, but take Obama’s actions as a whole over the last year, and I believe the evidence points to something else. Let’s look at the facts.

It is a fact that Obama wanted to pull out of Muslim Iraq as soon as possible and has always been against this war. It is a fact that Obama has wanted to close Gitmo, the detention facility holding many of the world’s most radical muslims. It is a fact that Obama is now bringing the most radical of these Muslims to New York, Kalid Shaq, Muhhamed who was the 9/11 mastermind. It is a fact that experts believe this will become a circus possibly resulting in the release of KSM because he will be afforded constitutional due process. It is a fact that despite all of Obama’s campaign promises, he is stalling on supporting the General he appointed in his efforts in Afghanistan against…radical Muslims. It is a fact that his administration has removed the verbiage of a war on terror against…radical Muslims. It is a fact that the Obama Administration has created an atmosphere of ultra protection for….radical Muslims in this country, an attitude that allowed Nidal Hasan to operate openly. It is a fact that Obama has turned his back on Israel l in favor of the Muslim position on settlements. Israel is the number one enemy of…..radical Muslims. It is a fact that Obama has opened up an unconditional dialogue with Iran, state sponsor of terror and home of….radical Muslims. It is a fact that Muslim leaders like Quadafi praised Obama in the UN, a first in history. It is a fact that one of Obamas first overseas trips was to the middle east where he proudly but erroneously declared the United States to be the largest…..Muslim country in the world. On this same trip, he apologized for the United States and spoke of his Muslim roots. It is a fact that since becoming President, there have been more references to his Muslim background than his born-again Christian faith. It is a fact that he was raised as a Muslim in the actual largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia. It is a fact that he will not allow for the release of his actual birth certificate nor any of his college transcripts, both of which could point to non-citizenship and a Muslim faith.

I believe that Obama and Nidal Hasan have one thing in common, their faith causes them angst at the prospect of harming fellow Muslims, which is forbidden in the Qur’an. Yes, you heard me correctly. I believe that when you look at Obama as a whole over the last year, you will see that the evidence indicates that Barrak Hussein Obama is in fact a Muslim. Everything I listed in the previous paragraph is true. When you ask yourself, why, you can only come to one conclusion. You show me one instance where he has taken a hard line on radical Islam, and I may doubt my theory.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lou Dobbs to Join Fox Business?

In a continuous drain of talent from cable news and networks, Lou Dobbs announced his retirement from CNN after 29 years with the network. Lou anchored CNN’s business programs and brought high ratings to the network. Those are the facts as we know them now. Any story you will read from the mainstream media will basically say that Lou was forced out because of his opposition to illegal immigration. They will say that Mexican groups put too much pressure on Lou and that his views had put him at odds with the network. They will also site all of the racist groups that advocate illegal immigration as saying how wonderful this will be for CNN. The reality as I see it is that Lou Dobbs has left the network as it continues to sink. Like MSNBC,ABC,CBS and NBC, CNN is a sinking titanic that is taking on too much water as it lists to the left. I believe that Lou has left CNN to join the new Fox Business Channel. I have nothing to base this on aside from my gut. John Stossell left ABC to join Fox Business, causing ABC list so far to the left that water is coming in through the smokestacks. He was the only counterweight for that network. I think Lou is going to join Dave Ramsey and John Stossell on Fox Business sometime in the next couple of months.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Five Dollar Foot Long Success Story

I read this story to day on yahoo about the success of the $5.00 foot long campaign and its untraditional origins. I love the $5.00 foot long and have eaten at subway more often as a result. They site the $5.00 price as the selling point, but to me it goes a little deeper. I like a deli sandwich, but to pay almost $4.00 for a 6 inch sub was too high for too little, so I rarely did it at subway. A subway footlong is just enough food for a full meal for me. Couple the size with the right price and I was sold. Read the article. It is a fun read in this down economy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Sean Hannity is Dangerous To Conservatives

Here is why Sean Hannity is dangerous, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, Rudy Guliani, Trent Lott…. These regular guests on the Hannity show are given street credit from their appearances. But Hannity has so many democrat pundits on his show. The difference, when he has these conservative-light Republicans on his show, he treats them as friendlies. The listener is unable to see the contrast that is so clear when he has the democrat guest on. Why this is dangerous is that these men, different from RINOs, present a conservative façade, and may actually have conservative credentials, but they are proven to sell out their conservatives principles in favor of the party or other motives. Newt Gingrich is the primary offender. Not only did he favor the ultra liberal scozzafava in New York’s 23rd Congressional district, he has also been soft on climate change, partnering with Bill Clinton on this and other issues. In the words of the great Conservative-Light Presidents, George W. Bush, you are either with us or against us.

Update: As post script to this story, I recently heard a clip of Sean Hannity's interview with pageant winner, Carrie Prejan. It has come out recently that she filmed a provocative video of herself for her boyfriend at the time when she was 17, and he has now sold that video. I'm not going to throw her to the wolves here, but Sean was stumbling over himself to point out that there was no sex involved and that it somehow is not the moral equivelant to other similar tapes. Where he is destructive is by not upholding the standard. Sure she made a mistake and is not promoting the video, but don't excuse its existence.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Movie Monday:The Boondock Saints

Recently, the trailer for the sequel to the 2005 movie "the Boondock Saints" came out, "the Boondock Saints:All Saints Day". Having not watched the original, I was struck by how loyal a following the movie had, so I decided to give it a try. The movie centers around two irish catholic brothers who decide to exact vigilante justice as their godly calling, and the excentric FBI agent ,Paul Smecker, that pursues them. The highlight of the movie is most definitely the performance of Willem Dafoe. He is a not so closetted homosexual that has a 6th sense for how crime scenes transpire. The culmination of his performance occurs as he retells the scene of a massive shootout. This time, instead of just telling about it while the scene plays out, the director inserts Dafoe's character into the action, standing next to the character he is describing, mimicking the action. During the climax of the scene, a disheveled Dafoe has one of his own as he draws out his own firearm and discharges it into the air in ecstacy, as a conductor finishing a symphony. I watched the movie only for how it would frame Dafoe’s interpretation of the action he is now examining. Aside from Dafoe, the remainder of the movie was mildly entertaining, with much of the usual gun violence. I give it 3 out of 5 stars, but Dafoe gets 5 out 5.

Swine Flu was a Scam 33 Years Ago: Swine Flu Redux

I was surprised when my wife came across this video while researching whether or not she could take a medicine while pregnant. It appears that 33 years ago, the nation was bit by the swine flu bug. Much of the hysteria and propaganda that came out as a result mirrors what we currently face. As it turned out 33 years ago, people died or were adversely affected by the vaccinations. As it turned out, the power of the virus was greatly exaggerated. As it turns out, history repeats itself. Watch the video. You will be very much surprised that this information hasn’t made itself public again.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ft. Hood Shooter Identity No Mystery

Like millions of others, I was horrified by the story of a lone gunmen assaulting unarmed GIs, killing 13 and wounding 30. The big story here is that this had the opportunity to be stopped, but out of political correctness and the ultra sensitivity we afford our enemies, it was not. The second I heard this story, I knew there were two possibilities, either a deranged gun men, possibly with PTSD, lashed out at federal stories with no other agenda than his own insanity or it was an Islamic extremist that was a part of the military enacted his own act of Jihad. The idea of the insane man really had no footing. I knew that it would eventually come out that the shooter had an Islamic agenda, and I’m sure I am not in the minority. We are so bent on playing nice with these people, that we allow them to become majors in our armed forces despite reports that this man had extreme positions advocating suicide bombings. According to fox

“At least six months ago, Hasan came to the attention of law enforcement officials because of Internet postings about suicide bombings and other threats, including posts that equated suicide bombers to soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade to save the lives of their comrades.”

Why wasn’t this man brought in? Why was he allowed to function so freely in the military? Listen, a person in the military operates under a different set of laws. By his oath, his statements glorifying suicide bombers, are not permissible. In the wake of this incident, we will now have to hear the “experts” dismiss the ideallogical motive of the shooter in favor of the insanity motive. Islamic fundamentalism is insane, but those that act on their muslim faith to kill people do so with full mental competency. Will the public revolt against the media’s attempt to apologize for this act of faith back fire the same as the Democrats move to Socialism, we shall see. In the meantime, please pray for the victims and victim’s families.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quarter Pound Angus Blog Post

Everything is Angus these days. From steakhouses to gas stations. Anngus is a breed of cow from Scotland in which the cow is naturally hornless. I have eaten an angus burger at the Hereford house. It was delicious. I have eaten the new 1/3 lb Angus Steakburger at McDonald’s, it is a redressed quarterpounder. This morning, I saw a sign for an angus cheeseburger at a gas station. I think I will pass. Now, to separate themselves, high end places usually use the term “black angus”, as if there is a magic sprinkling of flavor. Black Angus simply refers to the dominant breed of angus that are black. The other breed is the Red Angus. Is there a difference in the quality of meat? Probably not. It doesn’t sound as impressive to say “take a bite of our new 1/3 lb Red Angus Steakburger”. So, when everyone is angus, is angus special enough to have attention called to it. It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss story about the sneetches. Some sneetches were star bellied, which meant they had special rights. All the other sneetches wished they had stars upon thars. So when a machine came that allowed them to put the stars on their bellies, having star belly was not quite special anymore. The sneetches with star bellies had them removed so that they could become special again, and so things went until the sneetches had so much variety, a star was no longer enough to group special sneetches. Some had two and some had four, and some sneetches had stars on the britches. And so it will go with the Angus burger. The second I can pick one up at a Quick Trip, there is no reason to advertise the same at the Hereford house.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obama Snubs Anniversary of Berlin Wall Collapse, Sits At Home and Mourns

The German Chancellor has invited Barrak Obama to Germany for the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin wall. Now, put aside the obvious jab at Obama that why would he celebrate something he probably didn’t support. Obama says he is too busy. I can respect this if it were true. Obama has made many globe trotting trips since becoming president. He was able to travel across the middle east and pronounce the US as being a muslim nation. He was able to jet off to Copenhagen to try and solicit the Olympics for his home town. He does not have time to make a similar trip to mark the end of the Iron Curtain. Where are this man’s international priorities?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Most Amazing Abortion Story Ever: God Breaks Through

Being a father of many children and having seen many sonograms, I have long felt that a mandatory screening should be required before a person has an abortion. With that aside, I shall continue. A Director of Planned Parenthood in Texas resigned recently. She actually left the building and joined the pro-lifers outside of the building. For 8 years, she escorted woman into the clinic to carry out the execution of their children. As the news story said, she began to become disatisfied with her job as she was under increasing pressure from management to increase the number of abortions in this lucritive industry. The turning point came, however, when she witnessed a baby "crumble" while being sucked out on a ultrasound machine. I just saw my 6th child's ultrasound on Friday, so this is even more personal. To think that this vulgar procedure is done in the millions is a sad statement on or society. How many ultrasounds do children in school get to see while they are discussing human development. Do they get to see a child with a head and a heart and limbs moving around. How can you choose to have an abortion after such a picture. Thank you Lord, that from the pits of abortion, you have broken through.

Movie Monday: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

A movie about a perfect heist gone wrong is nothing new. The problem for this movie is that the heist involved the thiefs parents. The movies stars Phillip seymour hoffman as a man that operates on the illusion of control, something this actor does well. He plays Andy, the older brother to Ethan Hawke's Hank, the more incompetent in all ways, except for sleeping with Andy's wife, Marissa Tomei, brother. The movie begins with a passionate marital moment between Andy and his wife while on vacation in Brazil. The title is derived from an Irish prayer that says may you have 30 minutes in heaven before the devil knows you are dead. This alludes to the hell that is to follow in the movie.
The next scene begins the hell with Albert Finney, Hank and Andy's father, dropping off his wife at the family jewelry store. She is quickly confronted by a foul mouthed burglar when chaos ensues. As Andy awaits in the getaway car outside, the burglar smashes through the glass of the front door as he suffers from a gunshot from Andy's mother, who herself, is lying in a pool of her own blood.
Andy drives away in a panic cursing the name of his brother. The remainder of the movie retraces the events leading up to and following the robbery. What we see is that while all other characters are as they appear, Andy is unmasked as the most devious and foul of them all. He begins as this responsible executive that has a way of helping his brother out by hatching a plan to rob their parents. Andy's part is to fence the jewelry. As it unfolds, Andy has a bigger stake in the robbery. He has stolen money from his company and uses its petty cash as his heroine fund. As the movie unfolds, Andy throws caution to the wind and begins a kill crazy rampage to try to cover up all the lose ends. Just before he can kill his own brother, Andy is shot by a victim's sister, and hank runs away.
While Andy and Hank try to cover-up the crime that cost their mother her life, Albert Finney starts to put some of the pieces together and figures out that his oldest son planned the robbery. ****spoiler alert**** While Andy spends his day killing his loose ends, Finney is following his sons activity, with a gun packed for revenge. With his ailing son now in the hospital, Finney smother's his son to death with a pillow, sending Andy to his judgement.