Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Five Dollar Foot Long Success Story

I read this story to day on yahoo about the success of the $5.00 foot long campaign and its untraditional origins. I love the $5.00 foot long and have eaten at subway more often as a result. They site the $5.00 price as the selling point, but to me it goes a little deeper. I like a deli sandwich, but to pay almost $4.00 for a 6 inch sub was too high for too little, so I rarely did it at subway. A subway footlong is just enough food for a full meal for me. Couple the size with the right price and I was sold. Read the article. It is a fun read in this down economy.


Troy said...

Goodcents copied and they have Capicola. Their 6" buffalo chicken is hot and cost $5. When will Chipotle's follow w/ $5 Burrito?

Kansas Bob said...

Ditto Troy on the Capicola.. it is why I like Jersey Boys.