Monday, November 2, 2009

Most Amazing Abortion Story Ever: God Breaks Through

Being a father of many children and having seen many sonograms, I have long felt that a mandatory screening should be required before a person has an abortion. With that aside, I shall continue. A Director of Planned Parenthood in Texas resigned recently. She actually left the building and joined the pro-lifers outside of the building. For 8 years, she escorted woman into the clinic to carry out the execution of their children. As the news story said, she began to become disatisfied with her job as she was under increasing pressure from management to increase the number of abortions in this lucritive industry. The turning point came, however, when she witnessed a baby "crumble" while being sucked out on a ultrasound machine. I just saw my 6th child's ultrasound on Friday, so this is even more personal. To think that this vulgar procedure is done in the millions is a sad statement on or society. How many ultrasounds do children in school get to see while they are discussing human development. Do they get to see a child with a head and a heart and limbs moving around. How can you choose to have an abortion after such a picture. Thank you Lord, that from the pits of abortion, you have broken through.

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