Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama Bows Before World Leaders, Again

I’m not surprised by the bowing of Obama to Japan’s Emperor or to the Saudi King. What I am surprised by is the lack of other photographic instances of capturing Obama in the act of a bow. After all, Obama is required to bow in prayer to Allah 5 times a day. Really though, can you really believe this is our reality. If you voted for Obama, did you count on him laying down at the feet of every official he comes across. There is a great movie, Empire of the Sun, featuring a young Christian Bale as a 12 year old boy forced to live out World War 2 without his parents in a Japanese concentration camp for the British in China. You watch him grow up and become responsible, while at the same time, try to hang on to a part of his youth that was stolen. In one scene, the Japanese guards go to break out the windows of the hospital in retaliation for an air raid. Young Bale runs to the hospital and falls to the ground in front of the main guard, bowing and showing respect. The guard decides to spare the hospital. Later, the same situation occurs. This time, the guard looks at bale and smacks him in the face. The lesson here is that bowing only works for so long to appease the use of force.
Barrak Obama has been busy bowing to the nations that have us in a vulnerable position. So far, these nations have spared us. They spare us because when you bow, you let the other person know that you are their subordinate. Eventually, these nations are just going to smack Obama in the face. The unfortunate part for us is that when Obama gets smacked, we do to.

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