Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Quarter Pound Angus Blog Post

Everything is Angus these days. From steakhouses to gas stations. Anngus is a breed of cow from Scotland in which the cow is naturally hornless. I have eaten an angus burger at the Hereford house. It was delicious. I have eaten the new 1/3 lb Angus Steakburger at McDonald’s, it is a redressed quarterpounder. This morning, I saw a sign for an angus cheeseburger at a gas station. I think I will pass. Now, to separate themselves, high end places usually use the term “black angus”, as if there is a magic sprinkling of flavor. Black Angus simply refers to the dominant breed of angus that are black. The other breed is the Red Angus. Is there a difference in the quality of meat? Probably not. It doesn’t sound as impressive to say “take a bite of our new 1/3 lb Red Angus Steakburger”. So, when everyone is angus, is angus special enough to have attention called to it. It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss story about the sneetches. Some sneetches were star bellied, which meant they had special rights. All the other sneetches wished they had stars upon thars. So when a machine came that allowed them to put the stars on their bellies, having star belly was not quite special anymore. The sneetches with star bellies had them removed so that they could become special again, and so things went until the sneetches had so much variety, a star was no longer enough to group special sneetches. Some had two and some had four, and some sneetches had stars on the britches. And so it will go with the Angus burger. The second I can pick one up at a Quick Trip, there is no reason to advertise the same at the Hereford house.


Kansas Bob said...

That must have been a $6 lunch special at the Hereford House.. I think we had a coupon for one of those. I do wonder though.. why would a place called "hereford" sell anything "angus"?

jrchaard said...

very good point my friend. Those $6.00 lunch specials at the hereford house are awesome and the best deal in town. I wish it was closer than zona rosa from work.

Troy said...

good point bob