Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Switch to Firefox from Explorer

I have now joined the ranks of those that have abandoned internet explorer in favor of firefox. For a long time, I have know that firefox is better than explorer. Out of habit, I have continued to plug away at explorer. Since I received a new computer, I have noticed the shortcomings of explorer in a more acute way. Firefox is much more capable of playing media without the need of constant downloads. I also like their functionality around downloads and being able to save your session when you close. If Firefox is this much better than explorer, I wonder how much better apple is to a windows pc.


Troy said...

The cheese keeps moving! The key is to recognize when cheese gets old, then change. Once upon a time there was this awesome broswer called Netscape... I give firefox till I.E. 8.5 to be king.

Dual boot Mac is better than a PC because its both. BUT you could buy 4 dell laptops for the same price.

Kansas Bob said...

Congrats on the switch.. at least FF has a spellchecker. Here are a few add-ons you might want to consider:

+ Adblock PLus
+ Forecastfox
+ Speed Dial
+ Tab Mix Plus

Dave Ramsey probably owns a PC.. unless he is doing websites, video and sound these days.

Troy said...

check and mait