Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Does the Funny Bone Hurt so Much?

Why is it that when we bang part of our elbow on something and experience excruciating pain we wince and groan and say the phrase, “Ow, my funny bone.” I decided to do some research on the topic. The phrase is believed to be a pun on the Humerus bone. That is where the humor ends. The pain comes from the injuring of the largest unprotected nerve in the body that does not provide a sensory function. As I type this post, I am still wincing from my injury. The article said that the nerve extends to the small finger. How very descript as my arm tingles from elbow to pinky. According to Wikipedia:

“One method of injuring the nerve is to strike the medial epicondyle of the humerus from posteriorly, or inferiorly with the elbow flexed. The ulnar nerve is trapped between the bone and the overlying skin at this point.”

I remember injuring this nerve so bad about 14 years ago that I laid in the back of a truck bed in the fetal position for at least 15 minutes. I’m sure it was quite “funny” to my co-workers or any other passerby. My one question is to God. Lord, why did you leave this nerve exposed. I’m sure there is a perfect reason for it, but couldn’t we have been given a little protection.


Kansas Bob said...

Nice post Scott.. I did not know that! Sounds like this is a troubling issue for you.. ever think about elbow pads?

jrchaard said...

I hurt twice this week. I wanted to know why it hurt so much. Now I know why they made sports coats with elbow pads. Somebody was pretty smart there.

Anonymous said...

I thought those pads were for rugby

Troy said...

So haw sad is it that I Just hit my funny bone and my first thougt was about your blog. Man that hurts.

jrchaard said...

very humerus

Anonymous said...


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