Friday, November 13, 2009

Why is Obama Soft On Muslims? He is one!

Since the Ft. Hood shooting, we have been hit with the kind of doublespeak only written about in Orwellian Novels. We are told by everyone in the administration that Hasan, the muslim shooter at Ft. Hood, acted out of everything but his muslim faith, from stress to insanity. Despite the unbelievable amount of evidence pointing to a terrorist attack, we are still told it was not so. The good thing here is that the public doesn’t buy it and the media is not trying to sell it as hard. The real question in all of this is why. Why is this administration adamant about not calling it an act of terror. The majority of pundits are saying it is because he doesn’t want to have to admit to an act of terror under his administration. I partly believe that, but take Obama’s actions as a whole over the last year, and I believe the evidence points to something else. Let’s look at the facts.

It is a fact that Obama wanted to pull out of Muslim Iraq as soon as possible and has always been against this war. It is a fact that Obama has wanted to close Gitmo, the detention facility holding many of the world’s most radical muslims. It is a fact that Obama is now bringing the most radical of these Muslims to New York, Kalid Shaq, Muhhamed who was the 9/11 mastermind. It is a fact that experts believe this will become a circus possibly resulting in the release of KSM because he will be afforded constitutional due process. It is a fact that despite all of Obama’s campaign promises, he is stalling on supporting the General he appointed in his efforts in Afghanistan against…radical Muslims. It is a fact that his administration has removed the verbiage of a war on terror against…radical Muslims. It is a fact that the Obama Administration has created an atmosphere of ultra protection for….radical Muslims in this country, an attitude that allowed Nidal Hasan to operate openly. It is a fact that Obama has turned his back on Israel l in favor of the Muslim position on settlements. Israel is the number one enemy of…..radical Muslims. It is a fact that Obama has opened up an unconditional dialogue with Iran, state sponsor of terror and home of….radical Muslims. It is a fact that Muslim leaders like Quadafi praised Obama in the UN, a first in history. It is a fact that one of Obamas first overseas trips was to the middle east where he proudly but erroneously declared the United States to be the largest…..Muslim country in the world. On this same trip, he apologized for the United States and spoke of his Muslim roots. It is a fact that since becoming President, there have been more references to his Muslim background than his born-again Christian faith. It is a fact that he was raised as a Muslim in the actual largest Muslim country in the world, Indonesia. It is a fact that he will not allow for the release of his actual birth certificate nor any of his college transcripts, both of which could point to non-citizenship and a Muslim faith.

I believe that Obama and Nidal Hasan have one thing in common, their faith causes them angst at the prospect of harming fellow Muslims, which is forbidden in the Qur’an. Yes, you heard me correctly. I believe that when you look at Obama as a whole over the last year, you will see that the evidence indicates that Barrak Hussein Obama is in fact a Muslim. Everything I listed in the previous paragraph is true. When you ask yourself, why, you can only come to one conclusion. You show me one instance where he has taken a hard line on radical Islam, and I may doubt my theory.


Troy said...

Seeing him in full garb one day...mmm, mmm, mmmm. I think about what Obama is planning for eight years from now. 'Black helicopters' point to him trying to be the One World Government leader. But I don't think his aim is that high yet.

What Gore is to Environmentalism, Obama is to ___________

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