Tuesday, December 29, 2009

David Goldman Reunited with Son from Brazil: Similar to Elian Gonzalez

For the last year, I have watched the story of David Goldman’s attempt to get his son, Sean Goldman, back from his ex-wife’s relatives in brazil. Sean was abducted by his mother 5 years ago to her native Brazil. She remarried and died in child-birth. According to international treaty, Sean should have had no problem being returned to his biological father in New Jersey. Instead, years of diplomacy and court proceedings have held up the reunion of father and son. On Christmas Eve, Sean was finally returned to his father’s care and will now undergo a hard process of adjusting to his new life. A happy ending to a long story.
Of course, as we look at this story, the good guys and bad guys are clear. David Goldman’s son was stolen away by his evil mother. After she died, the Brazilian government (evil) and Sean’s Brazilian family (evil), prevented Sean from living with his father(good). That’s how I see it. Suddenly, my memory was taken back 10 years to young Cuban, Elian Gonzalez. The case of Elian captured the whole nation. The similarities between Elian and Sean are striking. In both cases, the mother took the child away to another country while the father was left behind, the mothers perish, and the new country and family want to prevent the child from being reunited. Back then, the father and Cuba were the enemies, while the family in Florida were the good guys. So I ask myself, why have I switched sides in the same argument. My gut instinct is to say that it is better for a child to be with their mother or father, regardless of the country. What I allowed to happen in the case of the Elian Gonzalez was to convince myself that it would be so much better to live in the United States because of all we have to offer than for a child to grow up with their biological parents. And since the Clinton administration also assisted in removing the child from his Florida home, I sided against this decision.
The lesson I feel I have learned is that as I have gotten older is that I look at things in a less partisan way. Republicans aren’t always good and Democrats aren’t always bad(I have to assume on this one). I can take in a set of variables and way it against my principles instead of those of a party.
Just as a fun exercise, where did you stand on the Elian Gonzalez story and where do you stand on the Sean Goldman story. How are they similar and how are they different.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie Monday: The Box

The movie had a good premise, and that is often enough to sucker me in, which was the case for "The Box". The premise of the movie is that a mysterious character with a horrible deformity to his face delivers a box to a couple. The box contains a button that allows the couple access to 1 million dollars. That money comes with a catch. The catch is that if the button is pressed, somebody in the world will die. The figure promises that it is not a person the couple knows. It is obvious that the button is pushed or else there wouldn't be a movie. It turns out the ominous figure is some sort of emmissary from some place unexplained that is using NASA and NSA facilities to control people as it conducts experiments on human character. Everything else goes unexplained. I ask myself why should the film spend time developing the background only to let it fall off the face of the screen. To summarize the whole movie, family chooses to press button to get a million dollars, a person dies, and the family learns the large cost involved in making such a choice as they never even spend any of the money. Money doesn't grow on trees and you can't get it from just pressing a button.

Love and Logic for Republicans

I often marvel at how the opposition can have their principles subordinated so easily in the name of bipartisanship. Why is it that Republicans, including conservatives, will fall all over themselves to try to not appear to be partisan. Quite simply, it is because the Democrats are controlling the policy arguments. It isn’t about whether or not man is causing global warming, it is about what the solution should be. It isn’t about whether or not government should offer stimulus, it is about how much it should be. It isn’t about whether the government has a role in providing healthcare, it is about how large a role it should have. It isn’t about whether or not things are really crisis’; rather, it is about how large of a crisis it will be. I know the tactic well. It is taught to parents through a method called “Love and Logic”. Love and Logic is a clever way of making children think your idea is actually theirs.
For example: suppose you want to put your kid to bed. They never want to go to bed because they are kids. The average parent will find their kids and tell them it is time for bed. The ensuing portion of the evening is about getting them to comply with something they don’t agree with. Now if a parent applies love and logic to the same situation, the parent would ask their kids if they want to go to bed now or in 5 minutes. Most kids will choose to have the extra five minutes. Following those 5 minutes, the children, in theory, will then go to bed because they are complying with a choice they made within the parameters set by the parent. It is a win-win scenario. In the same way, Democrats have crafted the arguments of our day. As framed by the Democrats, it is a fact that man is causing global warming just as it is a fact that one must go to bed. The Democrats then give the Republicans the option of how they want to curb their emissions or how much of a federal healthcare package there should be.
I could see the same thing being employed in Nazi Germany. Suppose the republicans are supporters of Jews. Hitler says to them that Germany can either gas them or shoot them. Gassing will save time and money, so the Republicans sign on to that solution rather than fighting Hitler on the principle. When will conservatives and Republicans stop acting like children and stop letting Democrats parent them. When will we control the debate before history shows us a complacent in our own demise.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Over a year ago, and even before that, I offered my insight into the Netflix Instant View option. My last assessment was one of optimism as Netflix announced a deal with STARZ to expand their library. I thought that would be the first of several distributors to follow. I WAS WRONG. One year later and the library is crap. Every week, I check the new movies to see what is new. At first with the STARZ play, there were a few options. As the year has gone on, the Instant View Library has grown substantially. The problem is that it has grown with a lack of any decent movie within the last 5 years. It is mostly dominated with indie-flicks, special interest, and bad oldies.
Having children, I would like to use this service to access quality children's programming. Unfortunately, for all of the children's shows and movies made, the selection is terrible. When you consider the absolutely free service of HULU.COM, you must not account for the instant view when assessing the value of Netflix. I have been able to find more movies of value on a website that only lists 36 movies than I have on netflix.
I don't blame netflix. Studios are rebelling against this new medium. I believe the demand is there or there wouldn't be so many illegal sites. They need to come to grips with the internet just as music has.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obama's Most Outrageous Comments

On the eve of the passage of the largest government program since FDR, President Obama has the nerve to say in a preaching fashion "We can no longer engage in deficit spending as if there are no consequences.......we can't spend like it's monopoly money". I have never come so close to using profanity in my blog, but you have to fing kidding me here. This President has spent more than any administration in history, and he isn't even completely done with his first term. What do you expect from this man. The boldness of his statement merely reflects the lack of real journalism to call him out. "Excuse me Mr. President. In recent remarks, you stated that deficit spending has consequences. Can you tell us what the consequences of your record breaking spending will be? Will is be just the total collapse of the US economy or will our freedom be lost as well?" Is there no end to this man's ego.
I would like to mention some of the other outrageous statements made by Obama in the past and recently. These are in no order, except number 1.

1. I don't want my child to be burdened with a baby.
2. Debt could cause a recession.
3. The recession is over (today it comes out that 3rd quarter growth is less than reported).
4. I saved ____ jobs (you fill in the blank with the number of jobs because it is all BS anyway)
5. Iran has one year to comply with the UN (even Iran laughed)
6. The US is the largest Muslim nation in the world.
7. I would like to introduce my vice presidential pick, Joe Biden.
8. My healthcare bill will save money.
9. The public option will increase competition.
10.I don't want to own a car company.
11.I didn't listen to Jeremiah Wright for the 20 years I went to his "church"
12.I did not have sexual relations with that woman(whoops, wrong president)
14.I accept this Nobel peace prize.
15.I give myself a B+.
16.My healthcare package will not cover illegals.
17.I will not have any lobbyist in my cabinet.
18.I will bring a new transparency to Washington.
19.There will be debate on CSPAN for my health bill.
20.HOPE and CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Cost of An Abortion?

What is the price of an Abortion. According to Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the cost of abortion is having his state exempt from the Medicaid expense for life. I have heard so many sound bites of this phony say that he will stand against the healthcare bill so long as it does not exclude funding for abortion. He was the lone vote that stood in the way of the bill being passed. I think one of the big stories in this debate is how you had a handful of sanctimonious Democrats stand on their soap boxes and state what principle it was that was preventing them from voting for the bill. In the end, they all caved in. They didn’t back down because their principle was upheld. No, they each had a price. From Mary Landru and Joe Lieberman, to Ben Nelson. The bill became a patchwork of payoffs that smacks in the face of constitutionality. If congress passes a bill like “Nationalized” healthcare, how is it that funding and benefits can be allotted state by state and district by district. This is an example of majority tyranny. This is the type of legislation our founders feared when forming our legislature with the Virginia compromise. Back in those days, allegiance lie more with one’s state than party. The Senate was created so that no one state would have total power to dominate policy. When George Washington warned us of the two party system, the same issue was feared. I really question how anyone could possibly re-elect this group of clowns. I picture nationalized healthcare funding and benefits to be similar to the AT&T coverage map, with the blue dots representing Democrat Districts.

Movie Monday: Inglorious Basterds

Suppose you are a movie buff and you have a hunger for rich, thick dialogue, well formed plot, situational dilemmas, and a bit of fantasy then you will thoroughly enjoy the movie, “Inglorious Basterds.” This is the kind of movie Directors and screenwriters go to get inspiration. Now, if you watch the trailer, you would think the movie was about Brad Pitt and a band of Jewish GI’s wreaking havoc in German occupied France. You would then find out that Brad Pitt’s group serves a much less important role to movie. Instead, this primary characters in this movie are the “Jewish hunter” colonel Landa, played brilliantly in his first English role by Christopher Waltz, and the Jewish girl that gets away from Landa in the beginning of the movie.
I don’t want to give away the plot, so I will only provide the highlights of what I enjoyed. I enjoyed any scene featuring Colonel Landa. An actor must work with a script and make it come to life. In Waltz’s case, he coupled a great script with brilliant acting. Inglorious Basterds is a movie about dialogue rich scenes. In fact, it opens with a wonderful exchange between a Frenchmen, hiding Jews under his floor, and Colonel Landa , looking for the Jews under the floor. The best scene in the movie involves 3 of the German speaking Basterds in German uniform meeting their contact in a basement bar. They must navigate the inquisitive Gestapo officer in a standoff that shows what would have happened in Reservoir Dogs if we were allowed to see what happened to the victims of the famous standoff.
Aside from the dialogue and scenes, there are other elements of film making that Quentin Tarantiino interweaves into his movie to provide for a full movie experience. Tarantino’s use of borrowed scrores from Enrico Morricone evokes images of great movies from the past. I was especially appreciative of the use of the score “Zulus” from the movie “Zulu Dawn” during a scene featuring a black projectionist about to set a cinema on fire. I am probably one of 5 people in the entire country that could recognize that score so it is nice to know I share that exclusivity with Tar]rantino. It was also cool to hear it because the movie “Zulu Dawn” is the origin of what made me and this blog ZULUBUFF. Back to the movie, Tarantino also did not shy away from the use of subtitles. I would say that most of the dialogue spoken in the movie was not English at all. Since I speak a tiny bit of German, hearing the German dialogue sent me back to my time in this country. If you don’t like subtitles, don’t see this movie, but I will say it is probably worth getting to like them.
This movie is a fantasy set within the context of real history, to a point. All of the key historical characters are real, and there really was a World War 2, but what makes Inglorious Basterds different from all other war fiction is how it takes on the mantle of fiction. A movie like Saving Private Ryan tries its best to be historical. Aside from the mission itself, the goal of the director was to make you feel as if the audience was watching a documentary. A movie like Kelly’s Heroes uses World War 2 as a back drop for a caper movie. It doesn’t alter history, instead the premise is that maybe at some point in the war at some point in the front lines, maybe a group of GI’s would have the opportunity to rob a Nazi bank. Inglorious Basterds rewrites history. It is done in such a way that you smile at how much you wish history really played out the way Tarantino writes it. That’s all I can say about that.
If you are hesitant to watch this movie because of the reputation Tarantino has, good or bad, you must see the movie. It plays on so many levels

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Lid Blown Off Of Anthropomorphic Climate Change: 100 Billion Dollar Grift

Obama continues his love affair with Denmark. He has been to this small country more than he has met with his general in Afghanistan. This trip is about the climate grift. The most significant thing to come out of this conference is the US pledge to provide 100 billion dollars to developing nations. If there was ever any policy that more clearly illustrates the true designs of the anthropomorphic climate change crowd. Basically, they have met so that these nations could stick their hands out to receive the economic redistribution veiled as money to help control climate change. There is nothing new about developing nations sticking their hands out to get western money. And there is nothing new about openly giving it to them (remember George Bush giving 50 billion to the AIDS crowd in Africa). What is refreshing is that some nations aren’t going to take it. Today, China, India, and Brazil have walked out of the conference. Well, that represents 33% of the world’s population, so as I see it, it is all for not.
Also, how many years are we going to hear the “time is running out mantra”? At what point do these experts, celebrities, and politicians get called out as false prophets. In the Christian church, if a person makes a prophesy that doesn’t come true, they are to be denounced as a false prophet, meaning that if their word was really from God, it would come true. In the anthropomorphic climate change crowd, science is supposed to be the God. Well, if you constantly make predictions about dire conditions that never come true, doesn’t that make your science false science and shouldn’t you be denounced. What if you have e-mails revealed that show that you acknowledge that you are a false prophet? But, in the age of Obama, war is peace, poverty is prosperity, cooling is warming, taking is giving, unemployment is work, death panels are compassion………………………

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's Your Financial Peace?

With all of the chaos of life going on around you, have you ever stopped to gauge your financial situation, your financial peace. Here are a couple of questions you should ask yourself this holiday season.

1. Do you have $1,000 set aside for emergencies only. Not to be confused with your checking account?
a. What would happen if you had a $700.00 car repair, would you be able to only have a car crisis and not a financial crisis as well.
b. What if your furnace breaks and you need $650 to pay the repair man.
2. Do you have any non-mortgage debt?
a. If you have accomplished task 1 see b through e below
b. Do you make minimum payments only
c. What is your plan to get rid of the debt
d. Do you like to have the chains of debt weigh down your family’s financial peace.
e. What happens if you lose your job, will you be worried about paying mastercard before feeding your kids?
3. Do you have a 3-6 month Emergency fund?
a. If you have accomplished tasks 1 & 2, see b through d below
b. What happens if you lose your job, will you be forced to make bad career decisions because of the financial urgency?
c. What if you crash your car, can you cover the deductible?
d. What if you need a surgery or some sort of non covered health crisis?
4. Are you investing 15% of your income into Roth IRA’s?
a. If you have accomplished tasks 1 – 3, see b through c below
b. Are you counting on Social Security?
c. Are you really serious about counting on Social Security for when you retire?
5. Do you have children that you want to go to college?
a. If you have accomplished tasks 1-3, see b through c
b. Where have you parked your kids college fund?
c. Will your funding choice limit your child’s options to only a University?
6. Do you have a Mortgage?
a. If you have accomplished tasks 1-5,
b. Do you want to have no debt by attaining the new status symbol of our generation, a paid off home.
c. Have you thought about the career freedom afforded you if you had no payments of any kind.
7. Give, give, give.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pit Bulls: Killers of Innocence

Pit Bulls disgust me. I hope that nobody I hold in high regard owns a pit bull. Frankly, I think the two cancel each other out. Here are a few sad stories

Even in the UK, these savage animals hunt the young. What is really striking is the detailed description of the funeral and coffin, humanizing the savage attack.

This young toddler is one of the ones to make it through the horrific ordeal of being eaten by a beast.

A poor woman takes her BABY for a walk. Apparently a pit bull seizes the opportunity to escape from its PROFFESIONAL WALKER to sample some baby.

The trend with this story is that like democrats, pit bulls target babies and the elderly.

Fox and Friends:Worst Story Ever

I have not watched Fox in the morning for several weeks. Back when I did while I was running, I found it lower on content than it was during last indoor running season. This morning, Fox presented a news story so inconsequential I couldn't believe the anchors didn't walk off the show. Not only was the story so trivial, they had to drag it out by having a remote guest offer some insight. The story, you may ask, was about the theft of the 1985 Naval Academy Class flag from a bar. They showed a surveilance video of a man stealing the flag and then stuffing it down his pants. While the vidoe was playing, a 1985 navy alumni commented on the theft and his speculation on motive. Even I like to take a break from hard news, but this kind of junk reporting would be considered torture if shown to Gitmo detainees.
Now, what elements could have been changed that may have made it news worthy. Suppose the flag was stolen at gunpoint; that would cause one to take interest. Maybe the flag was stolen by terrorist and held ransom; that would cause on to take interest. What if it was taken down by the local or federal government;that would be news worthy. Since the story was merely about a bald dude taking it off the wall, it isn't worth your time, and barely worth your time reading this post. Shame on you Fox.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Movie Monday: City of Ember

I saw a brief "making of" video of City of Ember a year ago while flying home from Germany. I am a sucker for a post apocalyptic flick and stored this movie in my mental queue. Once I remembered it, I became reluctant to put it #1 in my Netflix queue because I saw that it was geared towards a younger. Since I am a sucker, I ended up watching it last week. I watch movies in 34 minute chunks while running on the tread mill. Normally, I look down at my time and count down the minutes, but while I was watching this movie, I lost track of time and ran long. The story is well framed with just enough background information for you to know why they are in the situation they are in. The pace of the movie is quick and suspenseful. As you watch the main characters, Doon and Lina, unravel the mystery to the City of Ember, you want to see how they will accomplish the conclusion you already know they will make. The costume and set design is excellent and serves the story well. Blue screens were used for some scenes, but you realize that much of this city set is of real construction. After I watched it, I deemed it kid friendly as there is no bad language or inappropriate material at all. Aside from the constant suspense, it is a movie for all ages. So, I had my 15 year old daughter watch the movie and she loved it. She immediately said it was her favorite all time movie, meaning it spans the genders. All this praise, yet it did so poorly at the box office.
The movie is based on a series of books and came out in 2008. It centers on two children, Lina and Doon, as they receive their life careers from a random drawing in a bag. They live in a city that exists fully underground. It was constructed to preserve humanity from the apocalypse that was taking place on the surface. Everything the emberites need, from food to water and electricy, was provided and constructed by the builders to sustain the population for 200 years. The goal was that the people would then emerge after everything has had a chance to clear up on the surface. The problem is that the mayor of the city was entrusted with a case that contained the instructions for the emberites departures that would only open after 200 years. Unfortunately, one of the mayors died before transferring the case to his successor and the knowledge of the case was lost.
We then flash forward to the present state of a crumbling ember, clearly beyond the year of occupation the city was designed for. The city is suffering from material shortages and black outs causing our protagonists to feel a sense of pending doom. After Lina discovers the missing case, she works with Doon to uncover the hidden secret and make their escape. This is a good family night movie if you get a chance to check it out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

When Did Alcohol Become So Important

I often have to endure the hysteria that takes place at work when free alcohol is offered during the last hour of work on special occasions. The strange thing is how these people get so giddy as if they have no ability to purchase or imbibe on their own. The hysteria extends even further. The mere mention of alcohol drives everyone to one-up each other on their consumption. It is as if the only purpose for work is to facilitate a trip to the bar or the liquor store. For the longest time, I labored under the assumption that alcohol hysteria was a modern creation, propped up by edgy television, music and commercials. I now believe my assumption has been incorrect. You see, as a child, I used to listen to the replay of old radio shows at bed time. My favorite was X-1 as I like sci-fi. Recently I have been listening to these shows through free podcasts. They are just as entertaining now as they were when I was younger. One thing that struck me initially was just how much of a role alcohol played in these shows. Over and over again, the characters get as giddy about alcohol 60 years ago as they do now. My point is not really about alcohol but about perception of the past. These shows aired just 60 or more years ago. The way people speak of the past compared to the present, you would believe that sin and depravity are an invention of the flower children and their children. Could it be that in a male dominated society, so much of what we call depravity now was considered commonplace then?

The other observation from listening to these shows is that in almost every episode of x-1 set in the future, it is a given that all governments will be totalitarian. Also, we would be making regular trips to the moon by the late 60s

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gold Hype: Why Should You Invest In Gold?

What is the deal with gold. You can’t listen to any conservative radio without hearing gold commercials. Glenn Beck is the biggest nut about gold. When I need personal financial advice, I listen to Dave Ramsey and he says gold is a horrible investment. First of all, according to Dave, if gold is at all time record levels, why would you invest at the high point. You have the smallest chance of a return on gold at this point. Second, and this is the most important part and I think why we took ourselves off the gold standard, what is gold? The gold hypers say that you need to buy gold so that when Armageddon comes, you will have gold to buy things while everyone else has paper. Well, if there is a total financial collapse, I would rather have paper currency as I can at least wipe my rear end with paper. Gold is no different than any other commodity. It is only worth what people are willing and able to pay or trade for it. Gold as a commodity for industry does very little. It, like paper currency, is only a symbol of services rendered. If there is a financial collapse, we will run on a barter system. I doubt gold would have any value unless it could be used to make a product that people would be willing to trade for. My amateur advice is to lay off the gold and pay off debt.

President Obama Drops in Polls:Will Still Be the Most Popular Kid

President Obama is certainly the “popular” kid in school. You can see it everywhere on the news, both domestically and internationally. He wins awards, is married to the hot chick, goes on all the talk shows, has his logo on everything, and he is the United States version of the class President. And now, with falling poll numbers below 50%, his likability is reflective of being the “popular” kid. But why would he be considered the popular kid if his popularity is below is 50%? If you look back at your school days and you weren’t THE popular kid, you will remember that the popular kid was not popular with the majority of kids. In fact, it was quite the opposite. The popular kid was popular because he had connections to the right groups, like the kids on the paper or year book staff, kids on the athletic team, and certain teachers. He was often arrogant and too good for most people. Similarly, because Obama is so popular with the media and academics, the illusion of his popularity has nothing to do with how most of Americans view him. He is arrogant, narcissistic, and looks down on most people. I wish his only power was to provide a new coke machine in the locker room.

Road Insanity Day R.I.D.

It happens every year and is covered and hyped by the media every year, just as a previous post of mine indicated. The first possible snowfall. I say possible because nobody can accurately predict a winter storms path or precipitaion amount (how do they manage climate change models). Once they hype has set in, about 5% of drivers react by thinking that the brake is also the gas pedal. I know it is 5% because if you happen to be able to break free of the long line of stalled drivers, you will find the single car with nobody in front of them. I encountered this twice this morning. It is bad enough to have to drive when the weather is treacherous, but to have to come to unexpected halts and slow downs because of the possibility of a delay later in the day is crazy. If you are one of these drivers, please stay off of Kansas City roads today.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Change Debate:Armagedon

I was running on the treadmill watching CNN on Sunday. They had one of their eloquent sounding british journalists deliver the kind of story you see in the movies when the hopeful reporter profiles the heroes that will save the planet from the asteroid that is set to hit the earth. What she left out of her report is that their is now evidence that the asteroid will miss the earth by thousands of miles and that no human activity can actually affect the course of the asteroid. What responsible journalist would fail to put the perspective that #1, climate change is merely a concensus #2, that concensus is based on information that was knowingly skewed.
Now, this was all enough to make me sick to my stomach, but the part of the actual story that made me laugh out loud was when the reporter invoked the word debate. What debate is actually going to take place in Copenhagen. Are they going to allow parties that disagree with man-made climate change to present their findings. You know the answer is no.

Obama Pushes Healthcare and Climate Legislation: Football Analogy

When you consider all of the issues that are pressing our nations, it is important to put things into perspective. Let’s see, I would say the economy is the number 1 issue, followed closely by unemployment and the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. What is often missing from the list of top 10 issues is Nationalized Healthcare and Climate Change. So you must ask yourself why these two issues dominate all the energies of our current Congress and President. Why was launching an investigation into White House gate crashing more urgent than the Ft. Hood shooting. The best way to illustrate this point is to make a football analogy. The President and Congress focusing on healthcare and climate change would be like a football coach watching his punter warm up on the sideline while the other team, down by 2, has 1st and goal on the two yard line with 45 seconds on the clock and the defense is waiting to know what the package is. The only thing you can take from that is that the coach has some sick love affair with the punter and can’t take his eyes off of him. Similarly, Obama and the Democrats in Congress have a sick love affair with acquiring power. The two programs, healthcare and climate, are the biggest ways that they can acquire power. When you understand the motive, you understand why these issues are so pressing and you understand why you should have nothing to do with it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Huckabee Hears a Horton.

Recently, our nation was saddened to learn of the gun slaying of 4 police officers as they sat in a restaurant. The sorrow quickly turned to outrage as we learned that this was not a random act of violence or even an act of terrorism. This was a planned and intentional act by a career criminal with a list of crimes that dates back to his teen years. The outrage stems from how does somebody with so many felonies walk the streets (I believe it is because we have too many drug criminals in jail). How did every part of the justice system fail for this act to be perpetrated. The lasting news impact of this crime will not be about the victims or criminal himself. So long as Mike Huckabee makes himself a presence in politics and a possible presidential candidate, we will hear of this crime, as we should. After all, turnabout is fair play. Remember in the 1988 election when George Bush Sr. was down in the polls, the famous Willie Horton adds started to play. Governor Mike Dukakis offered a furlough program that allowed Willie Horton out of jail temporarily, but long enough to kill. Arguably, the add clinched the election for Bush as Dukakis was made to look soft on crime. Well, our strong conservative governor, at least now that he is out of office and on Fox, commuted this killers sentence. The commutation was not enough to free him from jail, but it was enough to make him eligible for parole. I don’t blame Huckabee, but he was part of the failure that let this man free. If, as a teenager, this man was sentenced to 60 years in jail, I would think that the jury or judge must have had a good insight into the kind of criminal this man was. So, fast forward 2 years to the next presidential election. Do we really think that Huckabee will be able to live this one down. I think he won’t, and for good reason. We don’t need a person that finds their conservative bone after they are out of office.
Might I also add that the silence for conservatives and fox is hypocritically deafening. If this had been a democrat, I would hear about it every day for a week. Since it is a fellow traveller, NOTHING. With the momentum we have going, let's not waiver here conservatives

Why 30,000 Troops?

I, like so many others, have seen the countless world war 2 films in which the narcissistic Adolf Hitler stares at a map surrounded by his top generals. They make suggestions of tactics and troop movements to the Fuhrer. Once they are done with their presentation, Hitler counters their advice with that of his own, around things like invading Russia before the UK has been defeated, or bombing London, or his decisions around ignoring the invasion of Normandy. And since Hilter is the Fuhrer, it doesn’t matter what their advice is. Yesterday, our own commander-in-chief issued his own orders of battle. He suggested an increase of 30,000 US troops to Afghanistan, with a stated departure date of 2011. The reason I bring up the Hitler story is this, why only 30,000 troops? Where did this number come from? Obama’s own appointed general in the region said he needed 40,000 troops, so how is it that Obama has come up with a winning strategy with 75% of the troop strength requested. Did Obama and his community activists sit around a map and play war games on the computer. Was the military even involved in the decision. More than anything, I want to know how he made his decision on the actual troop level. I want him to say why he disagrees with his commander in the field on military strategy. I want to know why Obama thinks he has found the ability for civilian success where so many others have failed before him.