Monday, December 21, 2009

The Cost of An Abortion?

What is the price of an Abortion. According to Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the cost of abortion is having his state exempt from the Medicaid expense for life. I have heard so many sound bites of this phony say that he will stand against the healthcare bill so long as it does not exclude funding for abortion. He was the lone vote that stood in the way of the bill being passed. I think one of the big stories in this debate is how you had a handful of sanctimonious Democrats stand on their soap boxes and state what principle it was that was preventing them from voting for the bill. In the end, they all caved in. They didn’t back down because their principle was upheld. No, they each had a price. From Mary Landru and Joe Lieberman, to Ben Nelson. The bill became a patchwork of payoffs that smacks in the face of constitutionality. If congress passes a bill like “Nationalized” healthcare, how is it that funding and benefits can be allotted state by state and district by district. This is an example of majority tyranny. This is the type of legislation our founders feared when forming our legislature with the Virginia compromise. Back in those days, allegiance lie more with one’s state than party. The Senate was created so that no one state would have total power to dominate policy. When George Washington warned us of the two party system, the same issue was feared. I really question how anyone could possibly re-elect this group of clowns. I picture nationalized healthcare funding and benefits to be similar to the AT&T coverage map, with the blue dots representing Democrat Districts.