Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Huckabee Hears a Horton.

Recently, our nation was saddened to learn of the gun slaying of 4 police officers as they sat in a restaurant. The sorrow quickly turned to outrage as we learned that this was not a random act of violence or even an act of terrorism. This was a planned and intentional act by a career criminal with a list of crimes that dates back to his teen years. The outrage stems from how does somebody with so many felonies walk the streets (I believe it is because we have too many drug criminals in jail). How did every part of the justice system fail for this act to be perpetrated. The lasting news impact of this crime will not be about the victims or criminal himself. So long as Mike Huckabee makes himself a presence in politics and a possible presidential candidate, we will hear of this crime, as we should. After all, turnabout is fair play. Remember in the 1988 election when George Bush Sr. was down in the polls, the famous Willie Horton adds started to play. Governor Mike Dukakis offered a furlough program that allowed Willie Horton out of jail temporarily, but long enough to kill. Arguably, the add clinched the election for Bush as Dukakis was made to look soft on crime. Well, our strong conservative governor, at least now that he is out of office and on Fox, commuted this killers sentence. The commutation was not enough to free him from jail, but it was enough to make him eligible for parole. I don’t blame Huckabee, but he was part of the failure that let this man free. If, as a teenager, this man was sentenced to 60 years in jail, I would think that the jury or judge must have had a good insight into the kind of criminal this man was. So, fast forward 2 years to the next presidential election. Do we really think that Huckabee will be able to live this one down. I think he won’t, and for good reason. We don’t need a person that finds their conservative bone after they are out of office.
Might I also add that the silence for conservatives and fox is hypocritically deafening. If this had been a democrat, I would hear about it every day for a week. Since it is a fellow traveller, NOTHING. With the momentum we have going, let's not waiver here conservatives


Kansas Bob said...

As one who does not do squawk radio or Fox News on a regular basis I guess I am not too surprised.. I searched "Huckabee" on the Fox News website and found:

12/1 - an interview with O'Reilly about the story

11/29 - the original story

That said I don't think that this story alone will dissuade the faithful.. I like Mike.. I could probably vote for him.. depends who else is running in a few years.

jrchaard said...

Just be prepared for the commercials featuring the funerals of those cops with a faded picture of Huckabee in the background while text saying that he commuted the sentence to be aired in 3 years.

Kansas Bob said...

Agree with you on that. Not sure I know of a GOPer that will be able to beat Obama if the economy rebounds and unemployment numbers are better.. of course those are big ifs :)

Who do you think will run?

jrchaard said...

I don't know and I have no hopefuls. I really don't want to see anyone that ran in 2008

Kansas Bob said...

Heard them ask Joe Scarborough about a run for the presidency this morning and he asked them how much the job paid. The truth is that ambitious folks can make more money in the private sector than in govt.. legally anyway.