Friday, December 18, 2009

The Lid Blown Off Of Anthropomorphic Climate Change: 100 Billion Dollar Grift

Obama continues his love affair with Denmark. He has been to this small country more than he has met with his general in Afghanistan. This trip is about the climate grift. The most significant thing to come out of this conference is the US pledge to provide 100 billion dollars to developing nations. If there was ever any policy that more clearly illustrates the true designs of the anthropomorphic climate change crowd. Basically, they have met so that these nations could stick their hands out to receive the economic redistribution veiled as money to help control climate change. There is nothing new about developing nations sticking their hands out to get western money. And there is nothing new about openly giving it to them (remember George Bush giving 50 billion to the AIDS crowd in Africa). What is refreshing is that some nations aren’t going to take it. Today, China, India, and Brazil have walked out of the conference. Well, that represents 33% of the world’s population, so as I see it, it is all for not.
Also, how many years are we going to hear the “time is running out mantra”? At what point do these experts, celebrities, and politicians get called out as false prophets. In the Christian church, if a person makes a prophesy that doesn’t come true, they are to be denounced as a false prophet, meaning that if their word was really from God, it would come true. In the anthropomorphic climate change crowd, science is supposed to be the God. Well, if you constantly make predictions about dire conditions that never come true, doesn’t that make your science false science and shouldn’t you be denounced. What if you have e-mails revealed that show that you acknowledge that you are a false prophet? But, in the age of Obama, war is peace, poverty is prosperity, cooling is warming, taking is giving, unemployment is work, death panels are compassion………………………