Monday, December 28, 2009

Love and Logic for Republicans

I often marvel at how the opposition can have their principles subordinated so easily in the name of bipartisanship. Why is it that Republicans, including conservatives, will fall all over themselves to try to not appear to be partisan. Quite simply, it is because the Democrats are controlling the policy arguments. It isn’t about whether or not man is causing global warming, it is about what the solution should be. It isn’t about whether or not government should offer stimulus, it is about how much it should be. It isn’t about whether the government has a role in providing healthcare, it is about how large a role it should have. It isn’t about whether or not things are really crisis’; rather, it is about how large of a crisis it will be. I know the tactic well. It is taught to parents through a method called “Love and Logic”. Love and Logic is a clever way of making children think your idea is actually theirs.
For example: suppose you want to put your kid to bed. They never want to go to bed because they are kids. The average parent will find their kids and tell them it is time for bed. The ensuing portion of the evening is about getting them to comply with something they don’t agree with. Now if a parent applies love and logic to the same situation, the parent would ask their kids if they want to go to bed now or in 5 minutes. Most kids will choose to have the extra five minutes. Following those 5 minutes, the children, in theory, will then go to bed because they are complying with a choice they made within the parameters set by the parent. It is a win-win scenario. In the same way, Democrats have crafted the arguments of our day. As framed by the Democrats, it is a fact that man is causing global warming just as it is a fact that one must go to bed. The Democrats then give the Republicans the option of how they want to curb their emissions or how much of a federal healthcare package there should be.
I could see the same thing being employed in Nazi Germany. Suppose the republicans are supporters of Jews. Hitler says to them that Germany can either gas them or shoot them. Gassing will save time and money, so the Republicans sign on to that solution rather than fighting Hitler on the principle. When will conservatives and Republicans stop acting like children and stop letting Democrats parent them. When will we control the debate before history shows us a complacent in our own demise.

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Kansas Bob said...

Let's hope that the GOP is reading your blog.. don't want anyone gassed.