Monday, December 28, 2009

Movie Monday: The Box

The movie had a good premise, and that is often enough to sucker me in, which was the case for "The Box". The premise of the movie is that a mysterious character with a horrible deformity to his face delivers a box to a couple. The box contains a button that allows the couple access to 1 million dollars. That money comes with a catch. The catch is that if the button is pressed, somebody in the world will die. The figure promises that it is not a person the couple knows. It is obvious that the button is pushed or else there wouldn't be a movie. It turns out the ominous figure is some sort of emmissary from some place unexplained that is using NASA and NSA facilities to control people as it conducts experiments on human character. Everything else goes unexplained. I ask myself why should the film spend time developing the background only to let it fall off the face of the screen. To summarize the whole movie, family chooses to press button to get a million dollars, a person dies, and the family learns the large cost involved in making such a choice as they never even spend any of the money. Money doesn't grow on trees and you can't get it from just pressing a button.


Kansas Bob said...

So it is a thumbs down?

jrchaard said...

Yes, thumbs down.

Troy said...

thanks -- you saved me a few hours.