Monday, December 7, 2009

Obama Pushes Healthcare and Climate Legislation: Football Analogy

When you consider all of the issues that are pressing our nations, it is important to put things into perspective. Let’s see, I would say the economy is the number 1 issue, followed closely by unemployment and the Wars on Iraq and Afghanistan. What is often missing from the list of top 10 issues is Nationalized Healthcare and Climate Change. So you must ask yourself why these two issues dominate all the energies of our current Congress and President. Why was launching an investigation into White House gate crashing more urgent than the Ft. Hood shooting. The best way to illustrate this point is to make a football analogy. The President and Congress focusing on healthcare and climate change would be like a football coach watching his punter warm up on the sideline while the other team, down by 2, has 1st and goal on the two yard line with 45 seconds on the clock and the defense is waiting to know what the package is. The only thing you can take from that is that the coach has some sick love affair with the punter and can’t take his eyes off of him. Similarly, Obama and the Democrats in Congress have a sick love affair with acquiring power. The two programs, healthcare and climate, are the biggest ways that they can acquire power. When you understand the motive, you understand why these issues are so pressing and you understand why you should have nothing to do with it.


Kansas Bob said...

Comparing Obama to Haley.. now that is low.

Troy said...

There we go, this could go down the LJ gay remark route and slander my perfect image of ZULU BUFF.