Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Obama's Most Outrageous Comments

On the eve of the passage of the largest government program since FDR, President Obama has the nerve to say in a preaching fashion "We can no longer engage in deficit spending as if there are no consequences.......we can't spend like it's monopoly money". I have never come so close to using profanity in my blog, but you have to fing kidding me here. This President has spent more than any administration in history, and he isn't even completely done with his first term. What do you expect from this man. The boldness of his statement merely reflects the lack of real journalism to call him out. "Excuse me Mr. President. In recent remarks, you stated that deficit spending has consequences. Can you tell us what the consequences of your record breaking spending will be? Will is be just the total collapse of the US economy or will our freedom be lost as well?" Is there no end to this man's ego.
I would like to mention some of the other outrageous statements made by Obama in the past and recently. These are in no order, except number 1.

1. I don't want my child to be burdened with a baby.
2. Debt could cause a recession.
3. The recession is over (today it comes out that 3rd quarter growth is less than reported).
4. I saved ____ jobs (you fill in the blank with the number of jobs because it is all BS anyway)
5. Iran has one year to comply with the UN (even Iran laughed)
6. The US is the largest Muslim nation in the world.
7. I would like to introduce my vice presidential pick, Joe Biden.
8. My healthcare bill will save money.
9. The public option will increase competition.
10.I don't want to own a car company.
11.I didn't listen to Jeremiah Wright for the 20 years I went to his "church"
12.I did not have sexual relations with that woman(whoops, wrong president)
14.I accept this Nobel peace prize.
15.I give myself a B+.
16.My healthcare package will not cover illegals.
17.I will not have any lobbyist in my cabinet.
18.I will bring a new transparency to Washington.
19.There will be debate on CSPAN for my health bill.
20.HOPE and CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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