Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Road Insanity Day R.I.D.

It happens every year and is covered and hyped by the media every year, just as a previous post of mine indicated. The first possible snowfall. I say possible because nobody can accurately predict a winter storms path or precipitaion amount (how do they manage climate change models). Once they hype has set in, about 5% of drivers react by thinking that the brake is also the gas pedal. I know it is 5% because if you happen to be able to break free of the long line of stalled drivers, you will find the single car with nobody in front of them. I encountered this twice this morning. It is bad enough to have to drive when the weather is treacherous, but to have to come to unexpected halts and slow downs because of the possibility of a delay later in the day is crazy. If you are one of these drivers, please stay off of Kansas City roads today.

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