Friday, January 29, 2010

The Improbable Half-Court Shot Happens

So my boss knows this guy he once went to church with. He is the coach of a girl’s basketball team in Lawrence, KS. At a pep rally this coach is expecting to be subjected to some sort of gag and he is a good sport about it. Hesitating to comply, for fear of a pie in the face, he reluctantly attempted a HALF COURT BLINDFOLDED SHOT. The gag was: Tell him he’ll win NCAA Playoff tickets if he makes it then cheer as if he did. As any sane coach would, he expected something goofy to happen to him. But Joel Branstrom takes the shot and the improbably happens – he makes it.

The crowd exploded, but the coach takes it in stride because he’s a good sport. But he doesn’t even take off his blindfold because he realizes the prank. Anyway how funny that he made it. The NCAA chimed in when they found out and made good on the gift of free tickets to the former KU player. (Plus the pay for his family’s travel.)


Straighten out your view

I recall a conversation with a Democrat who was devoutly Catholic. I pointed to the hot topic that put religious views against her political affiliation, abortion. She held to the Democratic candidate citing humanitarian goodwill and then offset his pro-abortion agenda with his stance against capital punishment. She then stood firm on the concept that Republican candidate was wrong because he thought it was right to kill criminals on death-row. Her logic was, “Humans don’t have the right to take life for any reason.”

I think the world gets so unbalanced on things like this. Comparing executions to abortions is night and day different. If you hate both then, fine – but do you know how UNEQUALLY these topics matchup?

U.S. Lightning related deaths since 1976…………..….. over 2,000

U.S. Executions since 1976…………...........................under 1,200

U.S. Abortions since 1976……………...................over 35,000,000

I added the lighting deaths to show how RARE executions were compared to 3,700 DAILY U.S. abortions. Could anyone who is prolife rightfully put Executions against Abortions? They don’t even compare. Guess how many were medically necessary to save the mother’s life, it’s an extremely low percentage. I Googled these facts for her back then and hopefully she has since reconsidered her stance. And if you are holding on the democratic party due to the capital punishment issue, wake up and stand true to prolife views.

Today abortion is hot because of the controversial super bowl ad with Tim Tebow. I never watch college anything so I like to have this guy to cheer for. Jim Daily is right on in his blog: Super Bowl Ad Gets Super-sized Response He calls out Joy Behar of The View on her stance that Abortion is ok because sometimes the kid would grow up to be a serial killer instead of a super quarterback. WOW – she is way skewed. Jim does good to counter her comment and we all know there is no changing that point of view.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


In the second grade of the local public school, my son (now homeschooled) was told the same thing I was at his age. The science textbooks say the Earth is millions and millions of years old. Fine – If that is your belief, go ahead and believe it. It’s your right to hold that religion. Yes evolution is a belief about the cause for the universe – otherwise called religion. Because Science is things “Known” - I think that is legal to teach evolution as long as all logical theories are presented. Both are beliefs, no human was there, but here is what really sways me. Microevolution is changes within its own kind and Macroevolution is changes from kind to kind. MISSING from the textbooks here are 4 things:

1) Macroevolution (or Darwinian Evolution) has never happened, it is impossible scientifically – give me one example. (Ha, ha just kidding, you can’t.)

2) Piltdown man Nebraska Man, Neanderthal Man, Java Man were all proven to be very fake. Other examples are unproven or actually microevolution.

3) Carbon dating is not accurate science – for every good example there is a bad one.

4) There should be so many transitionary fossils but none exists. All fossils found verify that kinds produce like kinds.

It’s all about your religious viewpoint. Evolutionists see things supporting their faith and creationists do as well. The best example of evidence interpretation is the T-Rex blood cells found in 2005. There were proteins in them and no-way was this millions of years old, but others hold to the belief that it is 70 million year old DNA.

It takes more faith to believe in macroevolution but if it’s being taught then so should other theories. We are wasting a lot of good research on these poor principals of evolution. We can disagree but we both have to have faith.


TECH POST: The iPad will just sell, Period.

I have never purchased anything made by Apple. Despite the bad jokes about the name and my wife’s immediate dislike. This thing is golden before it sells. Watch, in a few years school children, medical staff, military, and PC nerds will have one of these.

Here is why it is perfect for the market right now:

It beats net books, hands down. They have terrible keyboards and are already awkward; the iPad will fit right in.

Here is the kicker; an iPad watch list. PC Clones- yep the comparable Dell/Windows versions will probably be better because they will be more interoperable with the PC world. Theft & Hacks – it’s going to be hacked open faster than Big Mac can say he used drugs.

It’s going to be “cool”. Watch the creative Hollywood uses pop out in the next Transformers or whatever. Hype from MTV, artists and celebs will push it to the popular, then envy kicks in.

It has new practical uses. There will be medical and technical needs for these. Watch for the training and educational push. Schools will get them for public relations and next thing you know kids “need” them for homework and gaming. Government Healthcare will adopt them for some special funding reason or just to be cool.

Laptops were selling for too cheap and netbooks don’t separate the market enough. Laptops are needing a category to push the pricepoint.

I will buy one for a small business need like – it’s a cash register that takes credit cards and displays merchandise . On second thought, I’ll buy the PC version that I can program using Microsoft software.


LIES IN THE TEXTBOOKS: New Age in 3rd Grade

Ms. Mitchell, handed us Purple ditto paper copies of a “Believe it or Not” pamphlet in third grade. We were to read it and answer questions about it. I was stunned because it claimed that scientists proved that plants have feelings! It said that a lie detector test PROVED that a plant feared a man in a lab coat because he mutilated another nearby plant in this experiment. In my young mind, that was equal any factual thing I knew. I recall the very picture to this day – and for years have contemplated what it said. Wow plants have feelings... My child thoughts were ‘How did the plant see him?’ & ‘Poor plants’. Heck I secretly spoke to my Granny’s plants a couple times afterwards. (I had to quit when I began to mow.) Hate to think what my yard is thinking every time I get the weed wacker!

Thanks to Google I found the primary research for this mysticism was done in 1966. Our class was taught that as current factual data. Heck it turns out Mythbusters even proved it FALSE in (Episode 61: Primary Perception).

So in public school third grade we learn: presidents, planets, and that plants have ESP. Now you have to save the earth or it will hate you.


LIES IN THE TEXTBOOKS: Bleeding the Rainforests

I liked learning High Grove Elementary – until I learned better. In school I can recall so much time spent about how great the rain forests were. We were told that the earth is hanging by a thread. Its 2010 - if the books we read were right, we’d have no gas and no rainforests by now (and no air). The public school crammed the green earth in to us. Instead of filling our heads with “the world of tomorrow”, we were told “green house effect” and that future days would be like “Mad Max”. So much was said about tearing down rainforests and them never growing back. They skewed the numbers until it scared kids. Yes – I think we should take good care of God’s green earth. But teach kids the basics instead of preaching new-age and mother earth. Ask your kids about what they learned today.

A fun fox news article sparked it for me: UN Report has faulty research about global warming. (Surprise)

By the way I wrote this blog using simple words that my PRE-first grader can read, by herself. Go homeschoolers!


Movie Monday on Thursday: The Hurt Locker

The Hurt Locker is definitely the best film depicting the Iraq War. What makes it watchable is the lack of political commentary on the war. Instead, it focuses on three men in the high stress job of disposing IEDs. For me, the idea of being assigned the job of disarming a device that could blow you to bits at the slightest mistake is mind boggling. I have nothing but respect for the soldiers that pursue this career. One soldier is full of doubt about his inaction that caused the death of their former team leader, as well as dealing with the fear of dying himself. One soldier is professional and by the book, not taking risk, but doing his duty, he wants to get home, but doesn’t know why. The final soldier, the team lead and bomb disposal specialist, Will James, has the most to go home to, with a wife and child, but seems to be the most reckless. The director creates tactical situations that present multiple layers of drama. Ever present is the bomb that may or may not explode, while the team members struggle to work with each other, each having different values.
I have been listening to public service announcements about veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan and how they and their families have a hard time adjusting. My heart breaks every time I hear the adds. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT Towards the end of the movie, you see the bomb specialist, James, return home. His wife is beautiful and his young son is cute and adoring. He has everything you could want to live for after a war, but he finds himself removed and despondent. James is in his sons room playing with him. The child, maybe one year old, is just acting cute, laughing and smiling while his Dad plays with him. James begins to speak to his son’s joy by saying that when he gets to be his age, he won’t find things like a jack n the box fun. He will look at it like a piece of tin. He will find that he is only able to love 1 or 2 things, implying he could only love his wife and son, or maybe just his son. The he says maybe he can only love one thing, which you are led to believe is his son. The next scene, however, you see Will James disembarking from a helicopter back in Iraq to work on bomb disposal. You realize that despite the danger, it is the one thing he loves, which alludes to the opening that says war is a drug. Very sad, very good movie.

Obama Eyes Supreme Court for Gulags: Criticizing Court in State of the Union

“With all due deference to the separation of powers," Quothe the Obama forevermore. In true fascist style, Obama has begun weaving the rope that he would like to use to lynch the members of the supreme court that oppose him. I think this statement by Obama is much more in breaking with tradition than Joe Wilson correctly saying that Obama lied during his previous grand stand before Congress. Obama is the opposite of George Bush when it comes to opposition. Bush bent over backwards to accommodate those that opposed him, even allowing Ted Kennedy to write his education bill. Bill Clinton kept up the appearance of bipartisanship while working with the more controlled media of the day to discredit his opposition. Barry has no concept of opposition. I like Obama to Khan from Star Trek 2. Khan’s sole purpose was to prove that his was the superior intellect. All those that surrounded him shared his belief, swearing to live and die at his command. As Khan is foiled time and again by his opposition, he becomes more and more reckless. The fa├žade of composition is chipped away until he is left bloodied and desperately commits suicide in attempt to take down everyone with him. Now, the media is going to make a big deal about Justice Alito’s visible reaction to Obama’s comments, perpetuating the myth that everyone is just supposed to sit comatose or in applause, but a supreme court justice has never been put in this position until post-partisan Obama opened his mouth.
Obama’s big head pivots unsteadily high atop his shoulders, lending his legs to wobble to compensate. The air is thinner and his thinking is askew. In my wildest dreams, I would believe that I have the right answers to every situation. In fact, I often have an opinion on everything. The difference between Obama and I is that I don’t look at those that disagree as something that should be destroyed. Obama has been adamant against housing terrorist at Gitmo. I wonder if he just wants to clear it out to house his political enemies?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama Turns into Mr. Freeze: No More Spending

I only feel obligated to comment on Obama’s new deficit hawk stance because if, years from now, archeologists use my blog to recreate the record of this day, I can’t let such an idiotic statement go unchallenged. The man that tripled our deficit in a single year now wants to talk about deficits. When Obama says that he is going to freeze spending to control deficits, that is like a man sticking his finger in a hole in the damn while planting explosives with the other hand. Of course, defense, entitlement, TARP, and stimulus money is off the table. I also plan on a personal budget freeze, except for house, medical, food, utilities, personal, entertainment, clothing, giving, automotive, Netflix, fitness center, and cell phone. Don’t get me wrong, I will take what I can get and hope he does freeze spending. Every penny not spent in Washington is good. I just want to make sure that the “freeze” is put into proper perspective.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama: Framing Wealth Redistribution as Tax Cuts

In one week, Obama has become a tax cut and deficit hawk. Of course, Obama does it in his unique style of double speak. If you listen to the media only, you will hear Obama and his underlings speak about controlling the deficit, creating jobs, and now tax cuts. But in Obama’s world, those initiatives take on new meaning. Controlling the deficit is how he leverages his failed health care plan because he falsely claims that passing it will control the deficit. The problem for Obama here is that no matter who he sends out to sell it, the American People have wisened up. They know that health care will be a taking a bigger shovel to the deficit issue. You don’t dig a deeper hole in the hope of getting out. You can’t create a job through the government. Obama only knows government action. There is no amount of government job creation that will end the recession. Take money from the private sector and redistribute it to a government employee merely means less money in the private sector for sustained job growth.
The biggest sham, though, is the one that I think people will not be able to easily see through. Obama wants to “cut” taxes on the middle class. First of all, the “middle class” don’t pay much in taxes at all. Obama knows this. In fact, we are now at a point where over 50% of Americans actually pay little to no income taxes. Obama merely wants to increase the number of people that have no skin in the funding of government. He is very shrewdly using the child tax credit as his tool, offering to double its current $1,000 per child level. Why use this tax credit. Quite simply it is his form of economic wealth redistribution. Because the child tax credit is a rebateable tax credit, even if your tax responsibility is zero, you still get money if you have kids. If I have 6 kids and my tax responsibility is $1,000. When I file my taxes now, not only would I get the $1k back, I will get an additional 5K back from the rebate. How can that be anything different than economic redistribution. Under Obama’s plan, I would get an additional 11k back, cash. So If I make 60k after FICA and insurance and such, the rebate would be equal to 1/6 of my income. Is this what America is really about. Don’t let Obama use this tactic.

Movie Monday: Moon

Moon operates more on the level of a good episode of the Twilight Zone. Moon is a story about a man, Sam Bell played by Sam Rockwell, serving out a 3 year mission on, you guessed it, the moon. His job is to make sure the harvesters that collect H3, the substance that now powers the world, are in good working order and sending their payload back to earth. He is only a couple of weeks away from leaving for earth and seeing his wife and child. To make matters worse, he has only been able to receive messages and not transmit them, so he hasn’t had a live conversation in some time. While traveling out to a harvester, Sam crashes his rover. We then find him awaken by Gerty, the robot assigned to assist and take care of Sam. Gerty explains that Sam had an accident and suffered some memory loss. Sam begins to go about the business of the lunar base once again, but with a renewed sense of purpose. An alert keeps flashing about one of the harvesters, to which Sam investigates. He finds one of three lunar rovers crashed into the harvester. Once venturing into the crashed rover, Sam finds a wounded man still alive inside. Sam brings him back and it is unraveled that Sam is actually a clone. The next part of the movie deals with newly awoken Sam interacting with crashed Sam, who was ready to go home. New Sam quickly comes to grips with being a clone, while old Sam is in denial. The remainder of the movie deals with the interaction with these two clones and their attempt to get back to earth before it is too late for one of them. The set design is pretty good. Apparently the set designers built the entire lunar base and filmed from inside, giving you a real 3D feel to the environment. The acting was pretty good and you can appreciate the challenge of having to play two roles that interact with only themselves. I was hoping for more, but was at least entertained.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Firefighter Risks Life and Is Rewarded With a Mauling

I know I pick on pit bulls, but really I hate all large dogs, such as a German Shephard. The idea of a firefighter hanging from a helicopter over a swollen river to rescue any kind of dog is a misallocation of resources and priorities. Well, that is exactly what happened yesterday in California. I watched this story last night, seeing the fireman plopped on the pavement with the dog next to him. Guiltily, I commented to my wife that it would be funny if the dog bit the man to show his appreciation. I only said that because the story ended there. Well, this morning, I read the full story and apparently the firefighter suffered severe puncture wounds to his hands and arms. The humor immediately turned to rage. This is just another example of misplaced priorities when it comes to dogs, especially the killer type

Friday, January 22, 2010

What Could Cause A 9 Year Old To Commit Suicide

I read a horrible story about how a 9 year old hung himself to death in an elementary school bathroom. I can't imagine what factor could cause such hopelessness or lack of regard for his own life for a youth to commit such an act. Let's say that there was no mental illness, now put yourself in the boys shoes when you were 9. When I was nine, even at its worst, I looked at life as an endless possibility. Not only did I not want to die, I didn't want anyone else around me to die. Was it abuse at home, or bullying. I feel horrible for the bullying that I did as a child and for the negative impact that had on so many lives, including my own. My children, who are homeschooled, have no concept of a bully or other such things that could cause such hopelessness. Suicide is horrible.

Zulus and Isandlwana Revisited, 131 Years Later

On January 22, 1879, 131 years ago, a force of around 20,000 highly disciplined men armed with spears and shields subdued a force of some 500 well armed and experienced soldiers of the British Empire at the famous battle of Isandlwana. Isandlwana is tall rocky hill in the then Zululand. The hill resembled the sphinx symbol worn on the collars of the 6 companies of the British 24th Regiment of foot that fought the engagement. The battle that ensued that day has led historians and history buffs to exam the minutiae of how it was that African natives could subdue the empire that the sun never set on. I have spent the bulk of my life examining this battle and the remainder of the Anglo-Zulu war of 1879, along with ascendency of the Zulu Nation in the 1820’s, culminating in the recognition of the Zulu King by the British Government, the only black African Nation to receive such a distinction. The result of the engagement at Isandlwana is the inspiration for my blog and its tagline, “the improbable happens”. A Republican winning the “Kennedy seat” is an example of that happening in politics.
I began becoming a zulubuff because I watched the movie, “ZULUDAWN”, when I was like 5 years old and thought the uniforms and helmets were cool. I would convert all army men or action play into a re-enactment of the battles of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift. As I got older, I wanted to know more and more about the events, so I started reading books, and more books. What started as research as a war enthusiast, led me to become a Zulu sympathizer. This powerful nation wanted nothing to do with a war with Europeans. They were not ignorant to the consequences, but when finally faced with an invasion, they had to act. Unfortunately, the zulu nataion was ultimately defeated. I believe that left to their own, the Zulus would have dominated all of South Africa. The resulting black society would have been different than anything else we have seen out of Africa. The history of the Zulus is one of independence and pride. I salute their accomplishments.

TECH POST: Save the Planet from Viruses

I have no antivirus on my laptop and rarely ever use it – knock on wood. (I am mindful, and keep backups. ) FYI: “Window Antivirus 2009” IS A Virus despite its name. I had to teach my wife to stop clicking on it to ‘Scan your infected system now’ on her computer. I hear so many virus stories, if you don’t have Antivirus installed - then go get one, and there are free ones that are just as good as the paid versions. (If you have a MAC/linux you are smiling right now.)

The best free one – that’s adware free is AVG Antivirus software ( Send it to all your friends (except for radical liberals) that are unprotected. Its free antivirus without the extra baggage. I have installed it on dozens of computers without issue. Also I hear as an alternative: Avira Antivirus is good, but I’d stick w/ AVG.

More tips: Windows Defender ( - Windows XP users install this. It comes installed with Windows Vista. It's from Microsoft and stops spam, pop-ups, and other stuff.

Always be mindful when installing ANYTHING that you just Googled.

S. Dogood

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Blog to Change the McWorld - (Violence at McDonalds)

For my first Blog on Zulu Buff, I’d like to second the proposal of some sort of ordinance that would prohibit the display of news or other non-children safe programming from McDonald’s.

Here is MY input to the McDonald's USA Contact Us webpage:

“My 9, 6 and 4 year old celebrated a monthly family moment at McDonalds in Raymore, MO one evening this week. The only memory they or I still have of that night is your bigscreen T.V. showing blood GUSH from a young boy’s head on CNN. That’s not why I went to share Ice Cream at Kid-friendly place (which I thought McDonalds was). That one special night out at your restaurant showed my kids the most violent pictures they have EVER seen. Young kids have a hard enough time dealing with the earthquake – but uncensored graphic violence at a family dinner - that’s just not right. (Included is a link to the video we sat in front of at your restaurant, Note: Warning to you, especially while at the family dinner table: GRAPHIC
If you saw the link then you know why my kids have a hard time sleeping. Although we prayed for that poor little boy while at the table, I have spent much time explaining it to my kids and assuring them that they are not in danger. I would never let my children see that at home. It was without sound and I happened to sit with my back to the TV to focus on my kids when they saw it. Many real life events should not be on public display at McDonalds. I would like to see a policy change at McDonalds, this should never happen again. -“

When it happened my first thought was "Hey good for him, he just picked him up and wasn't afraid of touching the blood or anything" then I saw my kids eyes. MAN. - I suggest that if you want Anderson Cooper or Haiti news updates go to Tanner’s Pub or somewhere else not promoted by Ronald McDonald.

Obama Explains How To Create Jobs

Now that health care reform seems unlikely, Obama has turned his focus to creating jobs. His big plan to create jobs, regulate banks. Yes, that's right. I know he chose the obvious path in job creation, but sometimes keeping it simple pays off. I mean, who wouldn't support it. If you want to create jobs, the best way to do it is to tax, regulate, and micro-manage the industry that is responsible for extending credit for new businesses and business expansion. If I owned a bank, I would thank Obama for extending his umbrella of protection, making sure that my business doesn't take too much risk....or profit. Logically, my response to such restriction would be to become very aggressive in pursuing opportunity, not becoming even more conservative and freezing credit. Obama has received the message and is now focusing on what people are the most concerned about. Thankfully for the Republicans chances in 2010, Obama will continue to work his magic.(Olympics, Cap in Trade, New Jersey election, Massachusetts election, jobless claims, gitmo, afghanistan....)

Obama Claims Scott Brown Victory as His Own

There isn't an achievement, a topic, or a sentence that Obama doesn't find some way to interject himself into. I and me seem to be his favorite words. The only time he finds it necessary to reference someone other than himself is when something goes poorly and he needs to place blame. On Tuesday, the voters of Massachusetts sent a loud message to Obama and the Democrats that their direction on healthcare, terrorism, and the environment is the wrong one. Scott Brown's victory was a defeat for Obama. But wait, not according to Barry. In an interview with George Stephanopolis, Obama said that the same mood and environment that elected Brown was the one that ushered him into the White House. So, according to Obama, Scott Brown's election is just a continuation of the "hope and change" Obama campaigned on. Absolutely ridiculous. I would like to make a similarly ridiculous analogy. It would be like Hitler laying claim to Patton's breaking of Hitler's advance in the battle of the bulge because Patton's ability to cover so much land was similar to blitzkrieg. "The type of tactics that brought Patton into Belgium were the same that I used to sweep into Poland." Give me a break.

What Do We Deserve? How Do We Provide 100% Health Coverage?

Do we have a right to have a 100% of everything everyone else has. Where does that stop, and who makes the decisions. We discuss healthcare right now because it pulls on your heart. Of course you want everyone to get the state of the art treatment you pay for, I mean they might die without it. Well, what about homes. Shouldn’t everyone have a house. What about the homeless. Won’t they perish if they don’t have a proper home, or clothing, or food. Shouldn’t everyone have 100% food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, utility, comfort coverage. And to provide this, should it be provide to each according to their need from each according to their ability to provide. You see where I’m going. If you say one thing or the other, you have to ask who gave you that right.

Is it possible for us to cover 100% of all the people in the United States with healthcare. The answer is an absolute yes. In the same way, it is possible to have a 100% graduation rate from high school. The way you do it is by making the standards so low that every single person would qualify by the time they reach the age of 18. What would result is a diploma that is worth less than the formerly clear paper it is printed on. When you make it a priority that everyone have something, the something you want everyone to have no longer resembles the original thing they wanted. If I have a pie and have it cut into 10 slices, each slice still has the characteristics of the original pie, fresh filling surrounded by a crispy crust. If 15 people show up to eat that pie, I have to take each of those slices and cut them up even more. The smaller pieces start to crumble and fall apart. Before you know it, you are eating a cobbler and not pie. The more you divide it up, the less and less appealing it is. The same is true for healthcare. The quality and choice that our current system offer will be eliminated. Everyone will have coverage and it will be equal coverage, but you will have no choice and the quality will resemble the fine quality of our infamous VA system, where vets contracted aids from a colonoscopy scope that was re used and never cleaned.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama's First Year: Bush to Obama Comparison

Let me preface this post by saying that the last 4 years of Bush were as detestable as I can remember. I mean, at least Clinton past welfare reform in his 2nd term. But, I want to do a comparison between George Bush’s first year and that of Barrak Obama’s. Let see, coming into his first term, he had to deal with the “selected not elected” stigma, which resulted in a lack of a mandate. It’s was hard for him to get things done. The economy of 2001, was on the downturn. Most significantly, he had to deal with 9/11. How did Bush handle each issue. Well, to deal with the economy, he passed massive tax cuts that helped grow the economy. Bush’s fault here is that at the same time, he increased the deficit. When it came to 9/11, his first year response was good. He united the nation and went into Afghanistan. The result of his first year and second year led to an increase in the majority of his party in the Senate, a feat not normal in politics.
Let’s look at Obama. He too has inherited a bad economy. His response was to make it worse at a rate unseen. He too has had to deal with terror situations. His response was to ignore them or re-label them. His response was to return to the pre-9/11 strategy of treating the enemy as criminals. He went into office with a “mandate”. The result has been the loss of all but one special election in states that voted overwhelmingly for Obama, culminating in the historic election of Republican Scott Brown, replacing Ted Kennedy, in a state that went for Obama by over 20 points. The result has been the galvanization of the opposition party to him in a way only a war could have. The result has been the lowest poll ratings of a President in their first year. So, the media may still want to paint this man as a god, but reality has painted him into a corner.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Didn't Mitt Romney Stump for Scott Brown? Scott Brown rolls Kennedy Over in His Grave

If you are a follower of politics, the answer is easy, Romney wasn’t invited. Coakley invited Obama and lost (has obama won anything he stumped for?). Brown stayed independent and won. Now I heard Romney say that some of his staff were helping brown’s campaign, but whatever. You see, Romney is no front runner in my book. He does not represent the kind of conservatism that is winning right now. Romney is basically a professional presidential candidate. How is that any different than Obama. And you know, I just don’t trust him. He gave Massachusetts their version of Obamacare. Would a conservative really be for such a program. The fact that he still defends it tells me all I need to know. With the current tide showing true conservatism wins, do we need RINOs like Romney, Lott, and Gingrich speaking for us. I think we should have conservative talking head primary. The loser has to shut up and the winner carries the banner.

Dumbing Down the Diploma: Should Everyone Get One?

This morning I watched one of the powerful debates featured on Fox and Friends (usually I can’t stand these). Their subject was that of the lowering the difficulty of standardized testing. On one side, you had a guy saying the test aren’t tough enough and there needs to be some measure of competency. On the other side, you had a guy that agreed the tests were not difficult, but that they shouldn’t exist because of how it stigmatizes the student. Now, listen to this man’s logic. He thinks that the tests prevent people from receiving their diploma, which will then go on to lead to job and family issues. He is advocating that the student merely receives a diploma regardless of merit in order to prevent the cost to society that results from the absence of a diploma. If everyone gets a diploma, it negates its value. Basically, it will be certificate of reaching the age of 18. Now, I don’t disagree with the assertion that a lack of diploma will make things difficult, but I happen to think that the factors that prohibited the reception of the diploma may actually be the real factor. It could be a lack of motivation, poor education, or poor environment to name a few. Surely these factors, regardless of a piece of paper, contribute greater to the proclivity of one to lead a life of crime.
I would also like to extend this man’s logic further. If the lack of a diploma contributes to a difficult life, doesn’t the lack of a college degree do the same. If we want everyone to have a “diploma” lifestyle, shouldn’t we also want everyone to have a “degree” lifestyle. And, why stop there, why not a masters or doctorate. When you eliminate the merit of achieving something, that something suddenly becomes nothing, and nothingness is the design of the left.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Barrak Obama: The Atlas Shrugged Administration

You can't count all the ways that the Obama Administration's policies and climate are similar to those featured in the book "Atlas Shrugged." I am only 25% of the way done with the novel and page after page is full of things that are similar. This morning, I saw this story by John Stossel about how a particular window company is the recipient of praise and attention from the government. The don't do anything different from the other companies, they simply are the chosen company. It reminds me of how railroads were run out of business out of fairness in the novel. I remember how disgusted I was with the lies that came out of the Clinton Administration. I didn't think things could get worse. This administration has proceded at such an unbelievable rate of destruction of the pillars of our society.
It is so bad that Michelle Obama and the White House garden was used on some Food Network show. Michelle said that the contestants would get to use the vegetables and fruit from the garden in their next challenge. The contestants are then seen going through the garden picking up supplies. Well, in Obama fashion, the vegetables werent' even used. Have they no decency.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pat Robertson Haiti: Puts His Foot in His Mouth Again

What kind of Christian witness does Pat Robertson offer when he makes stupid comments like saying that Haitians brought the disaster that now besets this small impoverished nation. I don’t doubt that God could exact punishment on a people or nation, but is the witness a Christian is supposed to offer at a time like this a smugness of judgment. When Mary was going to be stoned, did Jesus say “well, she gets what she deserves” and walk away. Or did he say, “he who is without sin, cast he first stone”. Are you without sin Pat.

"Working" Man a Phrase for Class Warfare

The use of “working” men and woman as a way for politicians to wage class warfare is insulting. I go to work every week, am I considered a working man. My job may be considered white collar, but really it is the blue collar of the 21st century. As a software engineer, mine is a labor of the mind rather than of the body, but it is still labor. The term is actually used as an allusive term to paint anyone you feel as more privileged than yourself in a negative light. So, let’s assume that I feel I am the working man and that my CEO is not since he is wealthy. Is this fair. I mean, my CEO works more hours and is more emotionally involved in the health of the company. Surely his position is more stressful. By a normal person’s definition, he would be working man. By the politician’s definition though, his work is only of value if he makes less than 50k a year and has no college education.
Do not allow yourself to be called a “working” man. The only person you will be working for is Obama and the DNC. I wonder if one day the non-working man will shrug.

10 Points to Economic Recovery

Last year, I wrote my plan for economic recovery. I thought I would revisit this plan as it is still applicable.

From February 2009:

I would like to lay out an economic recovery plan that will help turn our economy around and not cost a single penny from the government. As a matter of fact, a large part of it includes a decrease in spending for the Fed. Many of these ideas will not have an impact in the immediate future, but if you are going to build a strong sustainable economy, it must be founded on strong well thought out principles, not knee jerk socialism. I also operate from the premise that all of the stimulus money will have been reversed. For those of you that follow my blog, some of these points will be redundant.

1. Eliminate Minimum Wage – This artificial bottom on wages is squeezing small businesses. A small business owner needs to have the flexibility to pay what the market demands. This will also decrease the demand for illegals and increase domestic employment. The more employed, the more spending there is.

2. Eliminate Illegals from the Economy – They are a drain on public services, take domestic jobs, and pay no taxes. Many are uneducated and criminal. It is a myth that their low labor helps keep prices low. While that may be true for strawberries, it isn’t true for education, car insurance, healthcare, and police. They are a net loss to this country. First we have to build a secure border fence across our entire southern border (other countries protect their borders, why shouldn’t we). Next we have to deport all illegals caught with no due process as they should not be afforded one. Deport all non-capital murder criminals that are illegals as well. How will we pay for all of this. Quite easy. All of the money that is spent providing services to this group of people can easily be applied to the effort. The key benefit here is that once the wall is built and the illegals deported, all the money that was once spent directly for their care can be returned to the tax payer, not to mention the intangibles. Don’t call me crude, it isn’t personal. We must do this so that we can see what level of non-citizen labor we actually need in this country. With all the illegals gone and no minimum wage, the millions of jobless can fill the void. Once we get to a healthy level of unemployment, we can then set guest worker levels, but not before.

3. Eliminate Ethanol Subsidies – This one might not seem very big, but when the economy is sour, the last thing you want is to pay high prices for food. The subsidy for ethanol has a direct correlation to the increase in food prices. Because food product is being used for fuel, there is simply less food product available for people and livestock. Apply and supply and demand and your food prices increase. You save the government money and the consumer money.

4. Drill Baby Drill – The government doesn’t have to spend a dime, they just have to take the restrictions off of domestic drilling. Fuel prices drive the economy. We need more fuel available at cheaper prices. Instead of sending the money over to terrorists, let’s spend it right here. Decrease fuel prices and everything comes down. We also would be able to spend less on defense in the long run as we would no longer care about the politics of the Islamic Facists.

5. National Sales Tax – This one has so many benefits. In short, a national sales tax will eliminate the punitive tax code, eliminate the IRS as we know it, make it so that everyone is financially vested in the state of our nation. The bigger the item purchased, the more you pay in taxes. Isn’t this what Obama wants? You tax illegals and tourists. You eliminate the need for domestic companies to locate overseas. You have to have two amendments to make this one work. One amendment repeals the Federal income tax. The other amendment calls for a national sales tax only with one rate for all purchases. The one rate clause ends the class warfare aspect of the tax code. The fact that there will be no capital gains tax alone will bulge the economy.

6. Balanced Budget Amendment – This one is such a no-brainer. I and everyone else need to balance their budget, why doesn’t the Fed. With a balanced budget and zero debt, I have personally been able to do much more than I did when I had no budget and lots of debt. I was not able to spend my way out of my financial crisis. Why would these principles not apply to our federal government. We need to have a balanced budget amendment. No more trillions of dollars in deficit spending.

7. Line Item Veto – We need an amendment to allow the President a line item veto. If you have a balanced budget amendment, the presidents use of this veto power would only put us further in the black.

8. Eliminate 70% of All Government Programs. Points 6 and 7 will make this easy. We have to ask ourselves, do we really need a department of education, commerce, health and human services, urban development….. Point 5 gets rid of the IRS. For every dollar the government spends on anything, it is a dollar taken from the private sector. Sure there will be massive government layoffs, but all that money will be returned to the private sector, allowing for these people to be employed in the private sector.

9. End US involvement in any International Agency – Do we have to be a part of the UN to do business with other countries. The purpose of the UN as it stands today is to punish mainly the US. Why would we willing submit ourselves to the envy of the rest of the world. I cannot put a tangible dollar to this, but the fact that we won’t be pursuing legislation, such as climate control policies, that is ultimately punitive to our nation has to have a benefit.

10. Provide School Choice – I really don’t know anything the government does that is better than it have been done in the private sector provided the funding were equal. This is the same for education. We are obligated to provide an education, but we are not obligated to make that education a government one. Let’s face, it all begins with the kids. They are our product that we are manufacturing for the future. Because our assembly line is union, we are putting out union quality products. We need to give parents vouchers for their child’s education. Let apply the principles of consumerism to the education system. With competition for your voucher dollars, the quality will only go up. The void of competition keeps our quality low. Parents can apply the voucher to a public school, private school, or home school. In Kansas City Missouri, it cost $10,000 per student per year to provide one of the worst educations in our nation. I choose to home school my children. I could provide the best books, curriculum, and technology for my home schooled children for $10,000 for their entire education. You do the math on this one folks. This one will have the least impact in the short term, but make one of the biggest impacts in the long run.

Don’t believe the propaganda. Government is not the solution. I just spent a few minutes writing down ten principles that will dramatically change our economy for the good, and not a single one included growing government. It literally took me just a couple of minutes, and I didn't consult a single person. Obama’s approach is to treat the symptoms by trying to cover up the wound. To him, of course, it is about power. My 10 points deal with the cause of our economic woes. Treat the cause and you treat the symptoms.

Healthcare Reform Is Social Security Reform in Disguise

I remember years ago hearing how smokers were beneficial to Social Security. The reasoning was that smokers die early and draw little to no Social Security. That seems to make financial sense. So then I started to think about how Obamacare may do the same. You see, when the death panels and rationing are instituted, no matter what they want to call it, there will be a denial of care for our nations elderly. Obama has said as much himself when he said it would be better just to give a person a pill for the pain. (A death mentality echoed in a similar statement when referring to abortion, he said he wouldn't want his daughter burdened with a baby). As people die off from denial of care, the residual effect will be a decrease in Social Security benefits paid out. With the baby boomers retiring, this will help mitigate the pending Social Security crisis. So hats off to Obama for killing two people with one stone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Novemeber 2010, Will Conservatives Say: So Now What?

So now what. Is that the strategy of Republicans poised to take a bigger stake in government and possibly the presidency in 2012. It was clear that a pendulum swung in the direction of the liberals starting in 2006. Now that they are firmly in control and have been ramming their naked agenda down the nation’s throat, the pendulum is swinging fast and hard in the direction of the right. So now what. At this point, the pendulum’s momentum is being driven by the extreme distaste of liberal policy, what will keep it to the right. At this point, I have no idea. I know what I would do, but I have no idea what the Republicans will do. Aside from opposition to Obama, I have not heard a clearly articulated vision for a conservative America in 2010 and 2012. In 1994, the vision was clearly articulated through the Contract with America. Unfortunately, the Republicans just became happy to oppose Clinton and keep power, and the conservative message and movement faltered and failed, culminating in the two terms of Bush and the loss of Congress. So come November 2010, will you be asking now what? Can groups like the Tea party people try to create a platform that stands for action through tax cuts and eliminating red tape.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Movie Monday: Bad Lieutenant :Port of Call New Orleans

I will save you the time with this movie, don’t rent it. I will go ahead and give you the plot of this bad movie. Nicholas Cage is a detective that makes a moral choice in the beginning of the movie to save a criminal during Katrina. As a result, he was promoted to, you guessed it, lieutenant. Of course, as a result of his heroism, he also suffers back trauma leaving him in the kind of pain that prescription drugs just won’t manage. With his promotion and with it being in New Orleans, Cage has access to all kinds of narcotics. What follows is about 1.5 hours of the bad lieutenant getting himself into stickier situations and breaking more laws in the process. Then, I believe director Werner Herzog must have run out of film because in about 10 minutes, all of the bad lieutenant’s sticky situations become resolved. A Mafioso, whom is demanding money from Cage’s prostitute girlfriend(eve mendez) owe’s them , is gunned down in the office of the drug dealer cage has entered into a business deal with. At the same time, this drug dealer takes a hit from Cage’s crack pipe. Cage uses the crack pipe to plant it at the scene of a homicide so that there will be DNA evidence tying the dealer to the case Cage was investigating because Cage knew the drug dealer was responsible. And Cage was in gambling debt which at the end he got out of because of a long shot bet he made, involving the black mail of a football player. And to top it off, the bad lieutenant is promoted to captain and cleans himself and his now pregnant prostitute girlfriend, and father all complete rehab. Only in Hollywood.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid Comment Exposes Liberal Hypocricy on Race

I am not surprised at the comments of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in which he called Obama “light skinned” and “used no negro dialect” unless he wanted to. As a conservative, one our major principles is that everyone has the opportunity to be successful, provided the government stays out. This means that you look at people in terms of a person and not a race. Quality matters. As a Christian, this goes even further. We are all created by God and in God’s image. God did not create anyone in a lesser image of himself. Actions are to be judged by what people do and not what people look like.
Now, in the United States, the people that cry most foul about race, liberals, simply use race as a means of divided people and forming coalitions. The hypocrisy is that while claiming to be for the advancing of “colored” peoples, the constant classification of people based on race simply perpetuates the “division”. If I call attention to a freckle on my face, people will always look at it. If I don’t say a thing, people will probably think it is just a variation of the thing called skin, no better or worse than any other part.
What is amusing about Harry Reid is not just the flagrant racisim of his comments, but having to watch all the liberal pundits make excuses for him. Liz Cheney put it best this morning when she addressed some liberals and said “this may be how liberals speak to one another around the table.” Obama is defending Reid, all of the regulars are defending Reid. All of the same people that said that saying Obama’s middle name or merely stating a criticism of Obama’s policies is racially implicit. I have a theory about the release of the comments by Reid that were made in 2008. I believe that the release of these comments is a way of offering cover the Reid to announce that he will not seek re-election. There were three long time Dems that announced their retirement because they were so far behind in the polls, the DNC felt it better to run a new candidate in the 2010 election. Harry Reid, who is also behind in the polls, said he is no Chris Dodd. The DNC probably made a deal with Reid saying that they will release this information, but all Democrats will come to defend his character. Reid will then do the noble thing and step down. I guess we will see.

Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Explain Nonsense

If you are like me, you often find yourself pulling your hair out as scholars and scientists try to explain what is totally illogical. How is it that scientists can try to say that man is the sole source of climate change is man. Well, it has nothing to do with science. Quite simply, as climate change has shown us, it is about pursuing the science and theories that will get you government funding. If you are trying to disprove something the government doesn’t support, you might not get any funding. If you get private funding, your results are viewed as serving big business. Well, now there is news from the left of all places saying that Jonathan Gruber from MIT has been on the government take(HHS) for over 300k. This is important because he has been a lead academic defending the costs of the plan and countering Big Insurances claims. If somebody tells you that 2+2 = 5 billion, you should just know that they are on the take and to ignore their science or research.

Movie Monday on Friday: Carriers

As with Sci-fi, I am a sucker for an end of world or plague type of movie. Some good examples are The Day After (Nicholas Myer), The Stand, and 28 Days Later (Danny Boyle). So, I went ahead and rented Carriers, starring Chris Pine, from Star Trek, and Piper Perabo, from Coyote Ugly. All that I got was over an hour of formula. It was like watching a serious version of Zombieland, which was a good movie because it made fun of the formula. The only thing that was good about this movie was how the victims of the disease were not numerous as it is assumed that most of the people are already dead. You didn’t get a bunch of crazed zombie like people everywhere, which is what some of the previews would lead you to believe. The story is about 4 young attractive youths that are making their way to turtle beach because it has some sort of emotional attachment to two of the youths, who are brothers. They are still alive because they live by a formula. Once the premise is established, you then know that the movie is about how different situations test each of characters resolve to follow the rules, and the anticipation to see who lives and who dies. I almost had to turn the movie off because the first test of their resolve involved a father trying to get his sick daughter(around 5 or 6) to a shelter. As each person, including the little girl and her dad, became a liability, they were simply left behind to an unknown fate(so kudos on that). The movie is short, so if you are looking for a short movie on the subject, I would still skip it because there is nothing original or compelling about the movie. A remake of “the Crazies” looks promising, so we shall see. “The book of Eli” looks bad, but “The Road” looks very promising. Those will all be on my Netflix list. Hopefully, I will be getting “the Hurt Locker” soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bye Bye Dodd

Bye Bye Dodd, it's been nice, hope you find your, paradise. I thought I was going to have to wait out Christopher Dodd's death in the same way I waited out Ted Kennedy or am waiting out fidel castro. Then Barrak Obama came along and Dodd's re-election hopes tanked. I was looking forward to watching that guy lose on election night. Now, instead, I have to be satisfied with his resignation, along with those of many other incumbent democrats. Thank you for giving me hope and change Obama

Monday, January 4, 2010

When Did Global Warming Become Climate Change

Ever wonder why it is called climate change. Not long ago, the concept of global warming was forced down our throats. Then, suddenly, and without fanfare, the concept was changed to climate change. The key word in that phrase is “change” . Change simply means any deviation from a constant. Global Warming forced the people that meant to use this principle as a means of dismantling the United States into a corner. It meant that in order for them to be correct, temperatures had to continue to increase. When they saw that this was not happening, they simply switched to term to “climate change”. The premise is that any change from a perceived norm in climate is change, and that change is due to humans.
Let’s translate this switch in terms of a historical and more relatable event. Hundreds of years ago, people believed the earth was flat. Once it was realized that the earth was no longer flat, the “flat” crowd probably didn’t want to be perceived as heretics. I’m sure they changed their opinion to simply say “surface change”. No matter what, they were still wrong, as Al Gore is proving to be.
Did you buy into global warming? Do you feel foolish now. How intellectually honest are you being by switching from global warming to climate change. Do you remember how cool spring was. Do you remember how cold the summer was. Will you remember how freezing cold this winter has been where I hear the weatherman say “Right now, it’s 3 degrees outside. Later in the week, we will have some colder weather come through.” Colder weather when it is only 3 degrees is crazy. The average high this time of year is 36 degrees……………..