Friday, January 15, 2010

Barrak Obama: The Atlas Shrugged Administration

You can't count all the ways that the Obama Administration's policies and climate are similar to those featured in the book "Atlas Shrugged." I am only 25% of the way done with the novel and page after page is full of things that are similar. This morning, I saw this story by John Stossel about how a particular window company is the recipient of praise and attention from the government. The don't do anything different from the other companies, they simply are the chosen company. It reminds me of how railroads were run out of business out of fairness in the novel. I remember how disgusted I was with the lies that came out of the Clinton Administration. I didn't think things could get worse. This administration has proceded at such an unbelievable rate of destruction of the pillars of our society.
It is so bad that Michelle Obama and the White House garden was used on some Food Network show. Michelle said that the contestants would get to use the vegetables and fruit from the garden in their next challenge. The contestants are then seen going through the garden picking up supplies. Well, in Obama fashion, the vegetables werent' even used. Have they no decency.


Troy said...

I saw that episode (its the only one I've seen) - how do you know they didn't use the veggies. BTW Michelle was in heels in the garden.

jrchaard said...

It was on the news this morning. The cooking and white house appearance happened a week apart. They used produce from a grocery store for the actual food.

jrchaard said...

Hey troy, I just had an idea. I can add authors to my blog. I could add you and you could put posts out there at your will. It would increase the content?

thejotus said...

The show was Iron Chef. It's awesome!

The fruit was the item not actually from the garden. I believe the veggies were really used.