Saturday, January 23, 2010

Firefighter Risks Life and Is Rewarded With a Mauling

I know I pick on pit bulls, but really I hate all large dogs, such as a German Shephard. The idea of a firefighter hanging from a helicopter over a swollen river to rescue any kind of dog is a misallocation of resources and priorities. Well, that is exactly what happened yesterday in California. I watched this story last night, seeing the fireman plopped on the pavement with the dog next to him. Guiltily, I commented to my wife that it would be funny if the dog bit the man to show his appreciation. I only said that because the story ended there. Well, this morning, I read the full story and apparently the firefighter suffered severe puncture wounds to his hands and arms. The humor immediately turned to rage. This is just another example of misplaced priorities when it comes to dogs, especially the killer type


Kansas Bob said...

Hard to know why folks have big dogs. When I was first married I had a huge Shepherd.. got rid of him after a year.. cleaning up after him was nasty and exhausting.. a year later we went with a terrier.. you don't hate them too?

Kansas Bob said...

LOL.. after I commented I read this quote.

jrchaard said...

fortunately, my wife shares my level of enthusiasm for dogs.