Sunday, January 10, 2010

Harry Reid Comment Exposes Liberal Hypocricy on Race

I am not surprised at the comments of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in which he called Obama “light skinned” and “used no negro dialect” unless he wanted to. As a conservative, one our major principles is that everyone has the opportunity to be successful, provided the government stays out. This means that you look at people in terms of a person and not a race. Quality matters. As a Christian, this goes even further. We are all created by God and in God’s image. God did not create anyone in a lesser image of himself. Actions are to be judged by what people do and not what people look like.
Now, in the United States, the people that cry most foul about race, liberals, simply use race as a means of divided people and forming coalitions. The hypocrisy is that while claiming to be for the advancing of “colored” peoples, the constant classification of people based on race simply perpetuates the “division”. If I call attention to a freckle on my face, people will always look at it. If I don’t say a thing, people will probably think it is just a variation of the thing called skin, no better or worse than any other part.
What is amusing about Harry Reid is not just the flagrant racisim of his comments, but having to watch all the liberal pundits make excuses for him. Liz Cheney put it best this morning when she addressed some liberals and said “this may be how liberals speak to one another around the table.” Obama is defending Reid, all of the regulars are defending Reid. All of the same people that said that saying Obama’s middle name or merely stating a criticism of Obama’s policies is racially implicit. I have a theory about the release of the comments by Reid that were made in 2008. I believe that the release of these comments is a way of offering cover the Reid to announce that he will not seek re-election. There were three long time Dems that announced their retirement because they were so far behind in the polls, the DNC felt it better to run a new candidate in the 2010 election. Harry Reid, who is also behind in the polls, said he is no Chris Dodd. The DNC probably made a deal with Reid saying that they will release this information, but all Democrats will come to defend his character. Reid will then do the noble thing and step down. I guess we will see.

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