Thursday, January 14, 2010

Healthcare Reform Is Social Security Reform in Disguise

I remember years ago hearing how smokers were beneficial to Social Security. The reasoning was that smokers die early and draw little to no Social Security. That seems to make financial sense. So then I started to think about how Obamacare may do the same. You see, when the death panels and rationing are instituted, no matter what they want to call it, there will be a denial of care for our nations elderly. Obama has said as much himself when he said it would be better just to give a person a pill for the pain. (A death mentality echoed in a similar statement when referring to abortion, he said he wouldn't want his daughter burdened with a baby). As people die off from denial of care, the residual effect will be a decrease in Social Security benefits paid out. With the baby boomers retiring, this will help mitigate the pending Social Security crisis. So hats off to Obama for killing two people with one stone.

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