Friday, January 29, 2010

The Improbable Half-Court Shot Happens

So my boss knows this guy he once went to church with. He is the coach of a girl’s basketball team in Lawrence, KS. At a pep rally this coach is expecting to be subjected to some sort of gag and he is a good sport about it. Hesitating to comply, for fear of a pie in the face, he reluctantly attempted a HALF COURT BLINDFOLDED SHOT. The gag was: Tell him he’ll win NCAA Playoff tickets if he makes it then cheer as if he did. As any sane coach would, he expected something goofy to happen to him. But Joel Branstrom takes the shot and the improbably happens – he makes it.

The crowd exploded, but the coach takes it in stride because he’s a good sport. But he doesn’t even take off his blindfold because he realizes the prank. Anyway how funny that he made it. The NCAA chimed in when they found out and made good on the gift of free tickets to the former KU player. (Plus the pay for his family’s travel.)


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Kansas Bob said...

Saw that on TV.. what a great story!