Thursday, January 28, 2010

TECH POST: The iPad will just sell, Period.

I have never purchased anything made by Apple. Despite the bad jokes about the name and my wife’s immediate dislike. This thing is golden before it sells. Watch, in a few years school children, medical staff, military, and PC nerds will have one of these.

Here is why it is perfect for the market right now:

It beats net books, hands down. They have terrible keyboards and are already awkward; the iPad will fit right in.

Here is the kicker; an iPad watch list. PC Clones- yep the comparable Dell/Windows versions will probably be better because they will be more interoperable with the PC world. Theft & Hacks – it’s going to be hacked open faster than Big Mac can say he used drugs.

It’s going to be “cool”. Watch the creative Hollywood uses pop out in the next Transformers or whatever. Hype from MTV, artists and celebs will push it to the popular, then envy kicks in.

It has new practical uses. There will be medical and technical needs for these. Watch for the training and educational push. Schools will get them for public relations and next thing you know kids “need” them for homework and gaming. Government Healthcare will adopt them for some special funding reason or just to be cool.

Laptops were selling for too cheap and netbooks don’t separate the market enough. Laptops are needing a category to push the pricepoint.

I will buy one for a small business need like – it’s a cash register that takes credit cards and displays merchandise . On second thought, I’ll buy the PC version that I can program using Microsoft software.



jrchaard said...

There is so much need here, I think the government should mandate them.

S. Dogood said...

The govenment should make sure it never gets too big to fail. But if it does we should bail them out so we can all own Apple.

Kansas Bob said...

Maybe iPad 3.0 will have flash and multitasking capability?

S. Dogood said...

Its looking over priced and underpowered. In the picture it looks like "honey i shrank the kids" and he's trying to use the iphone.

jrchaard said...

I just noticed that you shopped in the zulubuff homepage onto the ipad. Nice touch

S. Dogood said...

We are now a high class blog

Blogger said...

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