Thursday, January 28, 2010

LIES IN THE TEXTBOOKS: Bleeding the Rainforests

I liked learning High Grove Elementary – until I learned better. In school I can recall so much time spent about how great the rain forests were. We were told that the earth is hanging by a thread. Its 2010 - if the books we read were right, we’d have no gas and no rainforests by now (and no air). The public school crammed the green earth in to us. Instead of filling our heads with “the world of tomorrow”, we were told “green house effect” and that future days would be like “Mad Max”. So much was said about tearing down rainforests and them never growing back. They skewed the numbers until it scared kids. Yes – I think we should take good care of God’s green earth. But teach kids the basics instead of preaching new-age and mother earth. Ask your kids about what they learned today.

A fun fox news article sparked it for me: UN Report has faulty research about global warming. (Surprise)

By the way I wrote this blog using simple words that my PRE-first grader can read, by herself. Go homeschoolers!


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