Thursday, January 28, 2010


In the second grade of the local public school, my son (now homeschooled) was told the same thing I was at his age. The science textbooks say the Earth is millions and millions of years old. Fine – If that is your belief, go ahead and believe it. It’s your right to hold that religion. Yes evolution is a belief about the cause for the universe – otherwise called religion. Because Science is things “Known” - I think that is legal to teach evolution as long as all logical theories are presented. Both are beliefs, no human was there, but here is what really sways me. Microevolution is changes within its own kind and Macroevolution is changes from kind to kind. MISSING from the textbooks here are 4 things:

1) Macroevolution (or Darwinian Evolution) has never happened, it is impossible scientifically – give me one example. (Ha, ha just kidding, you can’t.)

2) Piltdown man Nebraska Man, Neanderthal Man, Java Man were all proven to be very fake. Other examples are unproven or actually microevolution.

3) Carbon dating is not accurate science – for every good example there is a bad one.

4) There should be so many transitionary fossils but none exists. All fossils found verify that kinds produce like kinds.

It’s all about your religious viewpoint. Evolutionists see things supporting their faith and creationists do as well. The best example of evidence interpretation is the T-Rex blood cells found in 2005. There were proteins in them and no-way was this millions of years old, but others hold to the belief that it is 70 million year old DNA.

It takes more faith to believe in macroevolution but if it’s being taught then so should other theories. We are wasting a lot of good research on these poor principals of evolution. We can disagree but we both have to have faith.


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