Thursday, January 28, 2010

LIES IN THE TEXTBOOKS: New Age in 3rd Grade

Ms. Mitchell, handed us Purple ditto paper copies of a “Believe it or Not” pamphlet in third grade. We were to read it and answer questions about it. I was stunned because it claimed that scientists proved that plants have feelings! It said that a lie detector test PROVED that a plant feared a man in a lab coat because he mutilated another nearby plant in this experiment. In my young mind, that was equal any factual thing I knew. I recall the very picture to this day – and for years have contemplated what it said. Wow plants have feelings... My child thoughts were ‘How did the plant see him?’ & ‘Poor plants’. Heck I secretly spoke to my Granny’s plants a couple times afterwards. (I had to quit when I began to mow.) Hate to think what my yard is thinking every time I get the weed wacker!

Thanks to Google I found the primary research for this mysticism was done in 1966. Our class was taught that as current factual data. Heck it turns out Mythbusters even proved it FALSE in (Episode 61: Primary Perception).

So in public school third grade we learn: presidents, planets, and that plants have ESP. Now you have to save the earth or it will hate you.


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jrchaard said...

Even if plants had feelings, I would still enjoy mowing the yard