Monday, January 25, 2010

Movie Monday: Moon

Moon operates more on the level of a good episode of the Twilight Zone. Moon is a story about a man, Sam Bell played by Sam Rockwell, serving out a 3 year mission on, you guessed it, the moon. His job is to make sure the harvesters that collect H3, the substance that now powers the world, are in good working order and sending their payload back to earth. He is only a couple of weeks away from leaving for earth and seeing his wife and child. To make matters worse, he has only been able to receive messages and not transmit them, so he hasn’t had a live conversation in some time. While traveling out to a harvester, Sam crashes his rover. We then find him awaken by Gerty, the robot assigned to assist and take care of Sam. Gerty explains that Sam had an accident and suffered some memory loss. Sam begins to go about the business of the lunar base once again, but with a renewed sense of purpose. An alert keeps flashing about one of the harvesters, to which Sam investigates. He finds one of three lunar rovers crashed into the harvester. Once venturing into the crashed rover, Sam finds a wounded man still alive inside. Sam brings him back and it is unraveled that Sam is actually a clone. The next part of the movie deals with newly awoken Sam interacting with crashed Sam, who was ready to go home. New Sam quickly comes to grips with being a clone, while old Sam is in denial. The remainder of the movie deals with the interaction with these two clones and their attempt to get back to earth before it is too late for one of them. The set design is pretty good. Apparently the set designers built the entire lunar base and filmed from inside, giving you a real 3D feel to the environment. The acting was pretty good and you can appreciate the challenge of having to play two roles that interact with only themselves. I was hoping for more, but was at least entertained.

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