Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obama Claims Scott Brown Victory as His Own

There isn't an achievement, a topic, or a sentence that Obama doesn't find some way to interject himself into. I and me seem to be his favorite words. The only time he finds it necessary to reference someone other than himself is when something goes poorly and he needs to place blame. On Tuesday, the voters of Massachusetts sent a loud message to Obama and the Democrats that their direction on healthcare, terrorism, and the environment is the wrong one. Scott Brown's victory was a defeat for Obama. But wait, not according to Barry. In an interview with George Stephanopolis, Obama said that the same mood and environment that elected Brown was the one that ushered him into the White House. So, according to Obama, Scott Brown's election is just a continuation of the "hope and change" Obama campaigned on. Absolutely ridiculous. I would like to make a similarly ridiculous analogy. It would be like Hitler laying claim to Patton's breaking of Hitler's advance in the battle of the bulge because Patton's ability to cover so much land was similar to blitzkrieg. "The type of tactics that brought Patton into Belgium were the same that I used to sweep into Poland." Give me a break.

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Anonymous said...

I think he Blamed Bush for Scott Brown's victory. America is tired of Bush and voted Brown in to prove it!