Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obama Explains How To Create Jobs

Now that health care reform seems unlikely, Obama has turned his focus to creating jobs. His big plan to create jobs, regulate banks. Yes, that's right. I know he chose the obvious path in job creation, but sometimes keeping it simple pays off. I mean, who wouldn't support it. If you want to create jobs, the best way to do it is to tax, regulate, and micro-manage the industry that is responsible for extending credit for new businesses and business expansion. If I owned a bank, I would thank Obama for extending his umbrella of protection, making sure that my business doesn't take too much risk....or profit. Logically, my response to such restriction would be to become very aggressive in pursuing opportunity, not becoming even more conservative and freezing credit. Obama has received the message and is now focusing on what people are the most concerned about. Thankfully for the Republicans chances in 2010, Obama will continue to work his magic.(Olympics, Cap in Trade, New Jersey election, Massachusetts election, jobless claims, gitmo, afghanistan....)

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