Thursday, January 28, 2010

Obama Eyes Supreme Court for Gulags: Criticizing Court in State of the Union

“With all due deference to the separation of powers," Quothe the Obama forevermore. In true fascist style, Obama has begun weaving the rope that he would like to use to lynch the members of the supreme court that oppose him. I think this statement by Obama is much more in breaking with tradition than Joe Wilson correctly saying that Obama lied during his previous grand stand before Congress. Obama is the opposite of George Bush when it comes to opposition. Bush bent over backwards to accommodate those that opposed him, even allowing Ted Kennedy to write his education bill. Bill Clinton kept up the appearance of bipartisanship while working with the more controlled media of the day to discredit his opposition. Barry has no concept of opposition. I like Obama to Khan from Star Trek 2. Khan’s sole purpose was to prove that his was the superior intellect. All those that surrounded him shared his belief, swearing to live and die at his command. As Khan is foiled time and again by his opposition, he becomes more and more reckless. The façade of composition is chipped away until he is left bloodied and desperately commits suicide in attempt to take down everyone with him. Now, the media is going to make a big deal about Justice Alito’s visible reaction to Obama’s comments, perpetuating the myth that everyone is just supposed to sit comatose or in applause, but a supreme court justice has never been put in this position until post-partisan Obama opened his mouth.
Obama’s big head pivots unsteadily high atop his shoulders, lending his legs to wobble to compensate. The air is thinner and his thinking is askew. In my wildest dreams, I would believe that I have the right answers to every situation. In fact, I often have an opinion on everything. The difference between Obama and I is that I don’t look at those that disagree as something that should be destroyed. Obama has been adamant against housing terrorist at Gitmo. I wonder if he just wants to clear it out to house his political enemies?

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