Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama's First Year: Bush to Obama Comparison

Let me preface this post by saying that the last 4 years of Bush were as detestable as I can remember. I mean, at least Clinton past welfare reform in his 2nd term. But, I want to do a comparison between George Bush’s first year and that of Barrak Obama’s. Let see, coming into his first term, he had to deal with the “selected not elected” stigma, which resulted in a lack of a mandate. It’s was hard for him to get things done. The economy of 2001, was on the downturn. Most significantly, he had to deal with 9/11. How did Bush handle each issue. Well, to deal with the economy, he passed massive tax cuts that helped grow the economy. Bush’s fault here is that at the same time, he increased the deficit. When it came to 9/11, his first year response was good. He united the nation and went into Afghanistan. The result of his first year and second year led to an increase in the majority of his party in the Senate, a feat not normal in politics.
Let’s look at Obama. He too has inherited a bad economy. His response was to make it worse at a rate unseen. He too has had to deal with terror situations. His response was to ignore them or re-label them. His response was to return to the pre-9/11 strategy of treating the enemy as criminals. He went into office with a “mandate”. The result has been the loss of all but one special election in states that voted overwhelmingly for Obama, culminating in the historic election of Republican Scott Brown, replacing Ted Kennedy, in a state that went for Obama by over 20 points. The result has been the galvanization of the opposition party to him in a way only a war could have. The result has been the lowest poll ratings of a President in their first year. So, the media may still want to paint this man as a god, but reality has painted him into a corner.

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