Friday, January 29, 2010

Straighten out your view

I recall a conversation with a Democrat who was devoutly Catholic. I pointed to the hot topic that put religious views against her political affiliation, abortion. She held to the Democratic candidate citing humanitarian goodwill and then offset his pro-abortion agenda with his stance against capital punishment. She then stood firm on the concept that Republican candidate was wrong because he thought it was right to kill criminals on death-row. Her logic was, “Humans don’t have the right to take life for any reason.”

I think the world gets so unbalanced on things like this. Comparing executions to abortions is night and day different. If you hate both then, fine – but do you know how UNEQUALLY these topics matchup?

U.S. Lightning related deaths since 1976…………..….. over 2,000

U.S. Executions since 1976…………...........................under 1,200

U.S. Abortions since 1976……………...................over 35,000,000

I added the lighting deaths to show how RARE executions were compared to 3,700 DAILY U.S. abortions. Could anyone who is prolife rightfully put Executions against Abortions? They don’t even compare. Guess how many were medically necessary to save the mother’s life, it’s an extremely low percentage. I Googled these facts for her back then and hopefully she has since reconsidered her stance. And if you are holding on the democratic party due to the capital punishment issue, wake up and stand true to prolife views.

Today abortion is hot because of the controversial super bowl ad with Tim Tebow. I never watch college anything so I like to have this guy to cheer for. Jim Daily is right on in his blog: Super Bowl Ad Gets Super-sized Response He calls out Joy Behar of The View on her stance that Abortion is ok because sometimes the kid would grow up to be a serial killer instead of a super quarterback. WOW – she is way skewed. Jim does good to counter her comment and we all know there is no changing that point of view.


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