Friday, January 22, 2010

TECH POST: Save the Planet from Viruses

I have no antivirus on my laptop and rarely ever use it – knock on wood. (I am mindful, and keep backups. ) FYI: “Window Antivirus 2009” IS A Virus despite its name. I had to teach my wife to stop clicking on it to ‘Scan your infected system now’ on her computer. I hear so many virus stories, if you don’t have Antivirus installed - then go get one, and there are free ones that are just as good as the paid versions. (If you have a MAC/linux you are smiling right now.)

The best free one – that’s adware free is AVG Antivirus software ( Send it to all your friends (except for radical liberals) that are unprotected. Its free antivirus without the extra baggage. I have installed it on dozens of computers without issue. Also I hear as an alternative: Avira Antivirus is good, but I’d stick w/ AVG.

More tips: Windows Defender ( - Windows XP users install this. It comes installed with Windows Vista. It's from Microsoft and stops spam, pop-ups, and other stuff.

Always be mindful when installing ANYTHING that you just Googled.

S. Dogood


jrchaard said...

if there is one thing that radical liberals are taught, it's to use protection and teach other people about it, including demonstrations ;)

S. Dogood said...

Here would be a wisdom, merging Computer Antivirus and Pregnancy Protection Device Companies is a Bad corporate move for both parties. There is no way marketing would work out for either.

Blogger said...

Been using Kaspersky security for a few years now, and I would recommend this solution to all you.