Friday, January 22, 2010

What Could Cause A 9 Year Old To Commit Suicide

I read a horrible story about how a 9 year old hung himself to death in an elementary school bathroom. I can't imagine what factor could cause such hopelessness or lack of regard for his own life for a youth to commit such an act. Let's say that there was no mental illness, now put yourself in the boys shoes when you were 9. When I was nine, even at its worst, I looked at life as an endless possibility. Not only did I not want to die, I didn't want anyone else around me to die. Was it abuse at home, or bullying. I feel horrible for the bullying that I did as a child and for the negative impact that had on so many lives, including my own. My children, who are homeschooled, have no concept of a bully or other such things that could cause such hopelessness. Suicide is horrible.

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