Monday, January 4, 2010

When Did Global Warming Become Climate Change

Ever wonder why it is called climate change. Not long ago, the concept of global warming was forced down our throats. Then, suddenly, and without fanfare, the concept was changed to climate change. The key word in that phrase is “change” . Change simply means any deviation from a constant. Global Warming forced the people that meant to use this principle as a means of dismantling the United States into a corner. It meant that in order for them to be correct, temperatures had to continue to increase. When they saw that this was not happening, they simply switched to term to “climate change”. The premise is that any change from a perceived norm in climate is change, and that change is due to humans.
Let’s translate this switch in terms of a historical and more relatable event. Hundreds of years ago, people believed the earth was flat. Once it was realized that the earth was no longer flat, the “flat” crowd probably didn’t want to be perceived as heretics. I’m sure they changed their opinion to simply say “surface change”. No matter what, they were still wrong, as Al Gore is proving to be.
Did you buy into global warming? Do you feel foolish now. How intellectually honest are you being by switching from global warming to climate change. Do you remember how cool spring was. Do you remember how cold the summer was. Will you remember how freezing cold this winter has been where I hear the weatherman say “Right now, it’s 3 degrees outside. Later in the week, we will have some colder weather come through.” Colder weather when it is only 3 degrees is crazy. The average high this time of year is 36 degrees……………..

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