Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Working" Man a Phrase for Class Warfare

The use of “working” men and woman as a way for politicians to wage class warfare is insulting. I go to work every week, am I considered a working man. My job may be considered white collar, but really it is the blue collar of the 21st century. As a software engineer, mine is a labor of the mind rather than of the body, but it is still labor. The term is actually used as an allusive term to paint anyone you feel as more privileged than yourself in a negative light. So, let’s assume that I feel I am the working man and that my CEO is not since he is wealthy. Is this fair. I mean, my CEO works more hours and is more emotionally involved in the health of the company. Surely his position is more stressful. By a normal person’s definition, he would be working man. By the politician’s definition though, his work is only of value if he makes less than 50k a year and has no college education.
Do not allow yourself to be called a “working” man. The only person you will be working for is Obama and the DNC. I wonder if one day the non-working man will shrug.

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