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Friday, February 26, 2010

Why You Should Be Happy With Mark Funkhouser

I don't care to blog too much about local issues as they are not very inspiring.  However, I was jolted by a bit of news I heard on the radio.  The current KC mayor, Mark Funkhouser is under quite a bit of pressure for a failing economy, high crime and taxes, and bad schools.  Some of his issues he deserves the criticism, but let's face it, when he won his election, it went against the desires of the normal Kansas City power brokers and local media.  If you remember, his opponent in that election was long time activist and founder of the ADHOC group against crime, Alvin Brooks.  Brooks was the establishment candidate whose only credentials in my cynical perspective is his ethnicity and ability to be controlled by the Kansas City machine.  If you doubt me, did you ever listen to an interview with him during the campaign?
Well, if you are feeling voter remorse, think again.  Governor Jay Nixon has appointed Alvin Brooks to some sort of task force.  First on Brooks' agenda is to get more black cops.    Now, you would think that a man coming from one of the highest crime rate areas in the nation would have some other thought than the ethnic background of the police force, but that is wrong with those that are part of the machine.  They only think about things that have no substance and see government as an instrument of social engineering and redistribution.  (I don't think Brooks is a bad man)
When Funkhouser goes wrong is when he tries to appeal to the machine.  I, for one, would not want to be the KC mayor at a time like this.  Years of TIF and over expansion have left the city dry.   He has no control of the schools, and the overall economy gives him no room to do things like get rid of the earnings tax, which I know he would want to do and would be the best thing for the city.   But now, we have a new school superintendent that "is tired of doing things for the adults instead of for the kids" and will be closing down a ton of schools and firing 300 teachers (This is a good thing).  And we have a new city manager.  Remember, Funk tried to fire the old one before and the council checked him.  Now, I feel it may be too late.  I'm sure Funk will be replaced by another cog in the machine.  So will you be happy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

David Benke Hero Teacher

I read this story on Fox news about a teacher in Colorado that threw himself at a gunman that was targeting students in a parking lot.  It is awesome when people make these heroic decisions, like the people that brought down flight 93 on 9/11.  I know many people wonder whether they have what it takes to handle a situation like that.  I remember my senior year of high school.  I was sitting in the hallway before my first class when several boys attacked one boy.  They were beating him and this all took place in front of the "strict" disciplinarian vice principal, who was a rather large man himself.  He sat and watched while the attack continued.  Suddenly, from a class room, a small man and English teacher emerged from his class room, a Mr. Harryman.  He flung himself into the melee, pulling the attackers off of the pile, thus ending the fight.  The speed with which he came told me that his only thought was in saving the victim.  I hope I would act the same as this man did and always had respect for the man and his deed.  (he was also a Korean war Vet and a really good English teacher).  Have you ever witnessed something like this?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Savage in Bed with Freud

Tonight Savage touted his love for Sigmund Freud – say it ain’t so Michael!

For those of us who forgot, Freud is a known for his belief that sexual desire drives life. He also based his assumptions on the foundations of Greek gods instead of the God of the Bible. (And had a Cocaine issues.) Could Savage admire Sigmond’s popularity, viewpoint, or Jewish identity? How liberal of him. I KNOW SAVAGE IS A ZULUBUFF READER AND he could have strings pulled to get me BANNED from this Blog, but I can be silent no more.

I get suckered in to his show all the time. I start out to like many of the stances he takes but find it hard to hang on too long. Today he went over the line, smitten on Sigmond. Simond the coke dealer, simond the pervert, the … hey did I tell you about the time my dog …. nevermind … Let me hear some music by “The Kings”.. ahhhh. I digress.

Savage is guilty of showmanship - his show is: that he is above 'the show'. However He is divided within himself. Does he believe in the OT bible, creation, flood? Then to what extent? He is very smart and uses his elitism to covertly achieve populous status – so kudos, well done old chap.

The problem is he stands on the bible only to appear taller – it is not part of his foundation. Unfortunately, this piety makes Savage similar to the hypocritical Democrats that he detests.


Do you still want Scott Brown for President? 41st vote turns into 61st vote.

I was as jubilant as the rest of the right when Scott Brown won the election in Mass. because of the historic nature and because of what it meant to the Obama agenda.  Remember, he was Mr. 41st vote.  That is what he campaigned on.   So many people were ready to crown him the Republican nominee for President in 2012.  We knew he had very liberal social beliefs (abortion), but maybe he could be banked on to help preserve our economy.  Well, what do you think now.  He broke from the party and voted for the "jobs" bill.  Why, if he didn't believe in the direction of the democrats when it comes to the economy, would he vote for the jobs bill.  I consider this a very important litmus test to his conservative credentials.  NO CONSERVATIVE would vote for a bill in which government spending is used to "create" jobs.  We all know this doesn't work and we thought Scott Brown did too.  NOPE.  Can you say rope a dope.  What's worse than his affirmative vote for government spending is how he will serve as a rallying figure for other RINOs to vote for the Obama agenda.   What a turd.  I mean, that's what it boils down to.  Is there a politician out there you can actually believe in.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

If Obama Were President on 9/11

If Obama were President on 9/11, I believe his first response, before even acknowledging the tragedy, would be that the planes crashing into the towers was not an act of terrorism.  Instead, it was just a group of individuals that simply had the same idea for the same day on the same flights. Today, a single engine plane crashed into an Austin Texas office building.  Immediately, it came out from homeland security that it was not an act of terrorism, repeating the pattern of Ft. Hood, Little Rock Recruiting office....   I don't know if the austin plane was an act of terror, but one thing I cannot say is that it was not.  If they want to play it safe, why not say that they haven't made a determination in the matter.  The fact that they bend over backwards to deny terror with no information shows their slant.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Daughter Molly

Here is a picture of my newest child.

Raising the “Who’s watching” generation; How to play Dolls

We could be raising the “Are you watching me?” generation.

I had sisters growing up – I admit I played with Barbies, but I would only be Ken, AND drive the Barbie Corvette. I would exchange playtime with my sister to get her to play with me. Perhaps somewhat ashamed as a kid, now as a Dad I am grateful for sisters – otherwise I’d be clueless how to play with my little girl.

It’s really easy to play with kids if we are multitasking: Web-surfing, bill paying, making lists, watching the news, cleaning. BUT DON’T. Recalling my mentor’s advice, sometimes you have to sit and play dolls with your daughter with your entire mind. Forget what else you could be doing and give the time to them, otherwise they learn the behavior.

My third child learned to watch your eyes by age 3. If you lose eye contact – you lose him, (poof he’s gone). And I think that is what kids will be doing for the next decade. Ipad, Iphone, ITouch equals OUT OF TOUCH, but only if it’s got the parents first attention. (I’m starting a “Don’t Text and Play” campaign.)

My point: I often refer to a Wall Street Journal Article that stated “Multitasking is just paying less attention to some things.” Play with your kids like you mean it. Interact with their minds and engage their eyes. Ask for a response and wait on them, my parents did and I love them for it.

If you have no kids and have a clean background record, contact me for a way you can play with dolls and guide the next generation.


A Real American Mentor

I just left lunch with great mentor. He listened, shared, challenged and inspired from a biblical perspective. If only others would leave conversations with me as equally inspired. Too many people are narrow-focused and take no other perspective in to consideration. “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But he who heeds counsel is wise.” Prov 12:15 - NKJV

Today I was challenged to discipline my mind and my talents. What a radical thought. If you have some G.I. Joe action figure that is a martial arts expert you don’t put them in charge of flying the helicopter. Similarly, my talent is my preferred muscle but I must put it into submission, with my mind to have a balanced mind for Christ. That is what I needed to hear today (I added the GIJOE part myself).

My mentor is not the average Joe, I have vetted who I listen to. As my mentor said “We can chat all day and we might even say something that God agrees with”. But be sure to align your council with God’s word and seek him fervently.

I hope you have a mentor, and I hope he is in the word.



Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogcation: Be back 2/26

As the primary author of this blog, I will be taking a 2 week blogcation to celebrate the birth of my 6th child. She was born at home. I can think of few situations more intimate than helping to deliver your own child at home (it was planned this way)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Iran Goes Nuclear The Chicago Way

Apparently Iran's leader, Ahmadinejad, has seen the movie "The Untouchables" and learned the chicago way. In the movie Sean Connery explains to the naive Elliot Ness that "If he pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue", as a way of saying that you must meet force with greater force. What's ironic is that our Chicago President can only seem to apply this concept to veterans and patriotic protesters and not those that wish to destroy us. Iran got it though. They have translated it this way. "The US invades one of your neighbors, you operate and endless terrorist program. The US imposes sanctions, you go nuclear." Is anyone worried in the least? When Iran said they would issue a punch to the west, what they really did was issue a slap to the face of our international power and respect. Iran just said they are going to do whatever they want because clearly nobody is going to do a thing. Kind of reminds me of 1939.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Bankers Are More Equal Than Others

Did Obama simply emerge from George Orwell's mind. Obama, who has spent much of this year bashing banks as the source of everything that is evil (aside from Bush) is now defending the bonuses given to Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Chase CEO's. He says that some athlete's get paid more than others. Why is it then, that if Bank of America paid a similar bonus, Obama would not be similarly enthused. If all bankers are athletes and the better performing ones (because of government help) should get bonuses, shouldn't all athletes be eligible for a bonus. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not against bonuses. I think every company should be free to pay out bonuses. Obama, on the other hand, thinks that some bankers are more equal than others, meaning some of them should get it and others don't. The criteria for making you more equal simply means you tow Obama's line and don't pay back the forced government loan too early. Can anyone really take Obama as intellectually honest when he does these things?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Robert Gibbs Attacks Sarah Palin's Hand: Really?

I am so enraged, that it is taking everything I have to contain the profanity I want to use to express my outrage at that absolutely pathetic attempt from Obama to attack Sarah Palin. Robert Gibbs wrote on his hand to mock Palin. This is the most elitest attack on a person I can remember. Writing on one's hand is so beneath them that every news agency feels they must mock this woman. The real story is that such an attack by Gibbs should be so beneath the White House, but not in Obama's case. What really gets my blood boiling is that Obama can't address anyone without the use of a teleprompter. Of course he has no need to write things on his hand because every word that comes out of his mouth is scripted. She delivers speeches from memory and writes a couple of notes on her hand and people think she is an idiot. My prediction is that this attack will backfire HUGE. They should have just let it go.

Movie Tuesday: There Will Be Blood

February, 2008, sitting at KCI awaiting my plane, then on to Denver and through to San Francisco (very fitting) , I viewed my favorite movie through the tiny screen of my Zune for the first time. At the recommendation of my boss/friend, he said it was a good movie, so I got it from Netflix and loaded it up for my trip. I had no idea what kind of movie awaited me, which is rare. I was surprised beyond belief. The movie strikes on all levels, writing, directing, locations, score, and above all else, offering Daniel Day Lewis a platform for providing his best performance, and in my opinion one of the best performances in a movie period. I was drawn into the history and the story of early oil prospectors. The story involves Daniel Plainview, a caricature of several oil men of the turn of the 20th century, and his journey from gold mining to being a highly successful oil man. Truly, the story is a hit because it echoes something that is important to me. No matter how much we can pursue something on this earth, we will always be empty. The fact that this man was filled only with beating everyone else, left him more empty than those around him. The leap I make is that you can’t find happiness and success without the Lord. One of the antagonists in the story is that of a charismatic religious figure, Eli. He also shows that religion and show can provide an equally empty life. The climax of the movie involves Daniel Plainview tricking Eli into saying that he is a false prophet and God is a superstition. Eli complies with the hope of financial gain, revealing his lack of faith. The dialogue of the movie and acting of Day Lewis is brilliant as we see Plainview’s emptiness get filled with a self admitted bitterness. In the end, he even ostracizes the only one that did love him. He also kills Eli as his own emptiness is mirrored in that of Eli, thus killing the part of himself he hates the most, but is tragically all that he has become. As a side note, this movie was written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, whose break through movie was Boogie Nights. This movie in use of language and adult subjects is the antithesis of Boogie Nights. This is a must watch movie.

H1N1 Post Mortem: The PandemicThat Wan't

Did you get a vaccine? Were you worried about a H1N1 pandemic? When was the last time you heard about H1N1? I was driving by a Walgreen’s the other day and plastered all over their building were signs advertising the availability of the H1N1 vaccine. It made me think back to the hysteria of 2009 that was fueled by the Obama administration. I even went as far as saying that it would be used as a reason for declaring martial law. Kathleen Sebelius told us how to cough and Michelle Obama told us how to wash our hands. People like Rush Limbaugh were criticized for saying that he would not receive the vaccine. Every day on the news, we saw a story of the INDIVIDUAL that had tragically died from H1N1. Obama declared a state of emergency to speed up the availability of vaccine. Our inability to respond to a pandemic was highlighted for all to see, including terrorists. My wife came upon a story that I linked to in which Mike Wallace did a special investigation into the post mortem of the Pig Flu from 30 years ago. Again, it was much-a-do about nothing. There were many victims of bad vaccine. I, for one, predicted that it was a great exaggeration, but isn’t that how the Obama administration functions. Exaggerate “saved jobs” or GDP growth or the number of people not covered by insurance. Meanwhile, the real numbers of job loss and illegals gets swept under the rug. If this had been the Bush Administration, don’t you think you would have heard a few stories about how much money and time was wasted on the H1N1 hype. Did Bush use pig flu to distract people from the wars and economy? What do you think?

I just heard a PSA on pregnant woman getting the H1N1 vaccine. Perhaps the drug companies last effort at profit.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Obama's Iran Policy: A Year in Review. Ahmadinejad to Become Sheriff of Rock Ridge

Do you remember during the Presidential Debates of 2008, including the Democratic Primary. One of the recurring themes from everyone but Obama was about how we should not engage Iran in unilateral talks. Obama was alone in saying that if only we could speak directly to Iran… For most average folk, I felt that this point was a little too technical and over their heads. Even George Bush mocked the suggestion saying that we won’t be able to turn Iran simply by using a convincing speech. Well, Obama got his way. Since becoming President, he has done everything to embrace our enemies. Yes, our enemies. Iran is not a friend. Iran wants our destruction possibly more than the Soviets did. Obama has engaged Iran directly over the last year. The end result of that tactic has been Iran thumbing their nose at us time and again. I watched a little bit of Blazing Saddles over the weekend. In an effort to slow down the invasion of Rock Ridge, the sheriff erects a toll booth in the middle of the plains. The invaders, like sheeople, all stood in line and went through the toll booth one by one. Iran is doing the same to us and we look just as stupid. Their diplomatic efforts are nothing more than erecting a toll booth in the middle of space, slowing us down long enough for them to complete their plan on their schedule. George Bush had his faults, but he didn’t make us look like wimps on the international scene. In the liberal Utopia, force is bad. The reality is that our ability to use force is what deters those that would destroy us from reaching their goal. I guarantee that the international heads of state are just as sick of seeing Obama as we are.

Movie Monday: Edge of Darkness

If you want to take a totally unoriginal concept and make it entertaining enough to watch to its completion, then you make the movie The Edge of Darkness. Starring Mel Gibson in his first role in some 7 years, the movie is about a Boston cop who roguely investigates the murder of his daughter as the two of them left the house. At first, he believes he is the target, but as he dives into his daughter’s secret life, he quickly realizes that she was the target. He discovers that she was involved in trying to blow the whistle on her employer, a powerful massachusettes defense contractor. The ensuing plot involves Gibson’s character throwing caution to the wind to bring down those that stole his daughter’s life. If you have seen taken, you basically saw this movie too.
Now, a couple of side comments on the movie. First of all, this movie was made way back in 2009. One of the characters in the movie is a Mass. Senator that is in bed with the evil defense contractor. The filmmaker went to the length of revealing that this Senator was a Republican because it is obvious that they are the party to sleep with big business. But until a month ago, nobody in their wildest dreams would have thought that Mass. would elect a republican, so I thought it was a little dishonest. The other thing is that the movie does deal with child death. While his daughter was an adult, Gibson flashes back frequently to her when she was a child. This is always to hard for me to watch. My suggestion, wait until video.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Economic Theory Part 4: Government

Economy Year 10:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. One farm has now successfully baked bread. In exchange for a portion of bread, they buy a spot at the market. The pottery barn uses their freed up labor from farming to produce various pottery objects to sell at the market. Now, bread, produce, pots, and meat and dairy are sold at the market. The bakery farm splits. Half keep to farming while the other half sell their land to the hunters in exchange for meat for 2 years. They then spend all of their time working on pots. The surplus farm offers to allow members from the other farms to study under its elders in exchange for various products or labor. The surplus farm devices a system to keep track of the transactions that take place at the market. They open a booth to do the transactional accounting. He creates a coin to symbolize the value of goods that have been exchanged between farms. Since the farms are able to keep their goods at the market instead of transporting them back and forth, they use the coin system. A carrot is printed on the coin representing the first surplus crop.

Economy Year 11:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. The first decade is over. There is now one farm that specialize in meat and dairy, one farm that produces pottery, one farm that produces bread, one farm that produces surplus crops, provides irrigation, teaching, a marketplace, and accounting, and 3 farms that work their own lands and provide labor to the other farms in exchange for goods. One of these farms suffers illness and famine. They are unable to produce the needed crops to fulfill their obligations to the other farms. Desperate, they raid the nearby farm, killing all of its inhabitants and taking their food and goods. News of the raid reaches the other farms. They all gather together and enter into a social contract whereby each farm will contribute a man for the common defense of the rest of the farms. They agree to elect a head of this unit, called a mayor. The newly elected mayor takes each of the men and raids the renegade farm. After a conflict that leaves 2 of the mayor’s men dead and all but 3 of the renegade farms men dead, the renegade’s are forced into a “jail”. They are forced to do labor to improve the common areas of the rest of the farms. Several members of the mayor’s men must continue in their service to guard the renegades during their confinement. Because these men cannot contribute to their former farms, they become a burden. However, since all farms did not need to have men permanently assigned to duty, it is agreed that volunteers from any farm can enter into a permanent police force. They will be paid wages for their service that they can use to purchase goods at the market. In addition to their wages, the police also need funds to provide for the feeding of the prisoners and the upkeep of the jail. Each farm agrees to pay to the mayor 1% of their earnings. This money is then used to fund these new endeavors. The mayor also quits his farm life and becomes the permanent administrator of the public funds and police force. The renegade farmland is divided evenly amongst the remaining farms. A portion of it is used to construct a permanent jail and housing for the police and mayor. While all of this happens, each farm continues to make progress, increasing their output. Each farm sends its newest member to the surplus farms “school”. The hunters develop new weapons that can be used to bring down animals from further distances. The surplus farm school researches a new method of transportation whereby a wheeled cart can be fixed to draft animals to carry goods. The year comes and goes. The first foundations of a government are created along with a treasury.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The First Black Female POW: What Does This Celebrate?

Are you serious. Has so little come in race relations that we must recognize something like this. To borrow a phrase from Obama, our first black President, let me be clear, I do not want to detract from this woman’s experience as a POW and her service to her country, but why must we point out the first of everything any non white person does. Like, if a white person discovers DNA, do we wait until a black person does the same and recognize his achievement. What is accomplished in doing such things is highlighting, with giant spotlights, the fact that people look different. When you highlight the accomplishment of a person of a non-white race, achieving something that has already been done, it is as if to say, “way to go, you finally made it. It took you longer, but that is because you look different, as we all know.” Why don’t we highlight white’s achieving things that Asians have already done. Why don’t I wake up and look at the yahoo headline to see a book about the first white woman to solve a mathematical equation. Is it because expectations are higher for other races? Who has set these expectations. The cruel side of this whole story is that the people that are the most vocal about racial equality are the ones that want to point out division most often. It used to be things like the first black pilot or the first black president. Now they even point out “firsts” that happen to be circumstantial, such as being a black woman taken as a POW. Wouldn’t it have been more of an accomplishment not to have been taken prisoner? Why celebrate such circumstantial things unless your agenda is to divide? Are we going to celebrate the first time a black man stands on a street corner, after all, he would be the first. And if his wife comes along, do we then celebrate the first black woman to do the same?
I don’t recall any of this having been done in the bible. I don’t recall any message of the first black disciple to heal a person or cast out demons. God cared enough about color to create the diversity we see, so that we can marvel at his creation. His creation covers all skins equally and does not favor one over the other. As Christ’s message is so clear, it is not what is on the outside that matters, but what is on the inside. Allowing ourselves to be distracted with the exterior vessels God has created, keeps us from centering on the heart that he is after. To allow ourselves to be distracted by color plays into the enemy’s hands.

Economic Theory Part 3:

Economy year 7:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. One of the farms has a tragedy and 2 of the most experience people die, so that there are now only 4 people left. The surplus farm offers to buy their farm in exchange for feeding each of them for 2 years. With the increased production due to irrigation, the 4 farmers split up their efforts, 2 people worked the land to plant and till. 2 worked towards extending the irrigation to the newly acquired farm. On the acquired farm, they still need meat, so they agreed to work for the surplus farm part time building storage silos and harvesting. The hunters still were able to produce. The new person worked on the domestication project. The year comes and goes. The surplus farm now extended irrigation to their two farms, doubling their yield. The hunters were able to increase their herd and begin cultivating it.

Economy Year 8:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. The farmers from the sold farm look for new land and find some. They set about starting to get it ready. They still have food for a full year, but need to get the land ready. They use their new person to work at the surplus farm full time to get seed for their new farm. The surplus farm begins to expand their lands out even further. They now have several silos completed and several more under construction with the use of the part-time labor from the sold farm. They use their new person to work with the hunters on learning how to domesticate an animal so that they can hitch it up to do the tilling. The employee from the sold farm works towards building a pen for their draft animals and to build a new market place. The hunters now have several hundred animals domesticated. Instead of hunting, they work toward gathering feed for the domesticated animals and expanding their grazing lands. They also towards cultivating poultry. The other three farms make a deal with the surplus farm to provide help at harvest time in exchange for extending irrigation to their lands. They make a 5 year contract. The year comes and goes. The hunters have early poultry and dairy. The surplus farm has workers now to help at the harvest and draft animals for next year’s crops. The other three farms now have irrigation added to their land.

Economy Year 9:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. The hunters have ceased all hunting. They are now able to offer meat, eggs, and milk. The surplus farm opens their market, offering new kinds of produce, not previously offered. The hunters sell eggs and milk at the market. The surplus farm charges a price of milk in exchange for the use of the market. The other farms, with increase output of their own and more time to pursue hobbies, bring various crafts and pots in exchange for the produce and milk sold at the market. One farm makes pottery that goes for a good rate at the market. The surplus farm is now able to use their draft animals to do the tilling and planting in 20% of the time as before. The older members of the farm begin to pursue less labor intensive things, experimenting with crops and studying the land. The year comes and goes. The pottery farm was able to supplement their diet with milk and eggs in exchange for pottery, decreasing their demand for crops. They decide to sell half of their land in exchange for 2 years of produce. Another farm begins to experiment with baking grains.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Economic Theory Part 2:

This is my second installment of what I think I micro economy could work like.  Feel free to throw in sitations for the next several years.

Economy year 4:

Suppose the population increases by 25%. Now each farm has 4 people each. The surplus farm is able to store crops to last for half the year. In discussions with the other farmers, it is learned that the supplementing their diet with meat has decreased their need to work the land. They make a deal to provide a measure of produce in exchange for the meat that is hunted by the surplus farm. The surplus farm now only needs 2 people to work on crops, while the other 2 hunt for themselves and the other farmers. The year comes and goes. The surplus farm again sees a surplus in their crops as their meat and what the received from the other farms helped to provide for their food. Now, they are able to save enough produce to last 75% of the year. Each of the other farms were able to meet the price of the surplus farm because of the supplement of meat.

Economy year 5:

Suppose the population again increased by 1 person per farm. Now each farm has 5 people. The surplus farm decides to split. One farm of 2 will work towards hunting only, while the other farm of 3 work the land. They form a contract whereby the produce demands of the hunting farm will be provided so long as the meat needs are provided by the meat farm. The surplus and meat farms now will have enough saved up for a full year of produce. The meat farm needs one more person, so they hire a person from one of the other farms. They agree to provide 40% of the meat needs of that farm in exchange for the persons labor. The 4 remaining farmers keep their output steady, putting in a little extra work each. The year comes and goes.

Economy year 6:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. The meat farm continues to employ one person from the other farm along with the existing agreement. With 4 hunters now, their efficiency increases to a point where they have extra time to spend at home. During this time, they work on expanding ideas of new hunting methods. One of the hunters begins to work towards building a pen to domesticate a species of animal. The surplus farm, with a full year of surplus crops, continues to work with the other farms at the contracted rate. However, they do not increase their crops. Instead, they stop adding to their surplus. With the extra time, they begin working on building a canal to increase the irrigation of their crops. The year comes and goes. The surplus farm is able to irrigate 50% of their crops for the next season. The hunters have increased their yield through the addition of passive hunting techniques, and the first domestication project is well under way.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Economic Theory Part 1:

I am going to begin a series of illustrations to show how I think an organic laise faire economy can work and what happens when government gets involved by shrinking down the economy to the size of a manageable population.  The population and complexity will continue to increase as the series progresses.

Economy Year 1:

Suppose there is a population of 5 people total. All 5 people are farmers that produce enough food for themselves. The year comes and goes, all things are equal.

Economy Year 2:

Suppose the population doubles to 10 people living on 5 plots of equal land, 2 people per parcel. Each farm, now needs to produce twice as much food, but with 2 people, they are able to split the work, produce enough for both, but each person able to work less than the 1 had to. One farm chooses to work extra and plant a plot of extra carrots. The year comes and goes, one farmer now has a surplus of carrots.

Economy year 3:

Suppose the population increases by 50%. Now each farm has 3 people each. Each farm must produce enough to feed themselves, but with the effort of three, they are able to work a little less. The farmer with surplus carrots offers to sell each of the 4 other farms it’s surplus carrots in exchange for a portion of their crops. The other farmers now do not need to grow carrots and simply increase their yield of the agreed to exchange crop. The farm with the surplus carrots applies the same effort again this year towards their crops. Instead of producing carrots, they equalize production on each crop. The third person is in charge of hunting food instead of planting. He is a successful hunter. Because of the addition of regular meat, their need for crops decreases, resulting in a surplus. The year comes and goes. Now one farm has a surplus of all crops.

How to Eat Poison Unharmed

My favorite movie is the beloved “Princess Bride”. I often recall the scene where the villain is outwitted by the hero who has built immunity to deadly “iocane poison” (a fictional toxin). But it burns the question “Can you build up immunity to poison?” My answer is NO because poisons by definition are for destruction. I have read about husbands and wives killing each other slowly by poisoning with anti-freeze: Husband Laces Gatorade / Wife Laces Hubby’s Wine ("Oreo" was a friend's cat that took anti-freeze as a last drink.) I recall hearing Rat Poison is 99.7% Food and only 0.3% Poison. For some reason rats wouldn’t eat the poison unless it was surrounded undetectably in food.

My thoughts turn sharply: “Secular Humanism” is the poison and we are all in the rat race.

We can avoid Secular Humanism when it is alone, in its ugly raw form. However it is now mixed in with government, schools, sweet rhetoric, and all over society. Everything that rejects the supernatural, such as evolutionary science, leads to it. If there were labels like “WARNING: CONTAIN SECULAR HUMANISM”, we could avoid it. Where exactly can we find it quietly mixed in to the food? But we mustn’t we be diligent and point out / remove the poison?

What if we let others die slowly poisoned without trying to help them, are we then guilty of their death? – Wait, wait... Don’t think about it, here have some more yummy rat food.


Monday, February 1, 2010

LIES IN THE TEXTBOOKS: No Religion = Bad Religion

Back in grade school I recall an assignment of learning how to read the newspaper. We were to lookup the weather, sports, and then we were to write down our Horoscope. I can’t decide if our school was full of New Age, Agnostics or Atheists. Despite having a “Moment of Silence” in after watching the Challenger Explosion in 3rd Grade, there was no religion in school. I have always believed “The absence of religion is a religion, atheism”. So NOT teaching any religion in school meant that you were teaching the worst – how to be an atheist. (And sadly on a large scale, it worked out that way for many of my classmates.) There was a ton of projects regarding witches, ghosts, Yoga, ESP, and the like in my school days. All were okay because they were “non religious” activities (at least not until now).

After reading this article: Neo-Pagans Get Worship Circle at Air Force Academy I think It’s about time we can officially recognize Wiccans, Pagans, and Satanist as their own religion! They have scraped under the radar too long. When these Anti-Christians have a LABEL and are recognized then they will get a taste of their own political correctness. Halloween can be associated after Wiccan religion and FINALLY get kicked out of school.– I really would LOVE to eliminate Halloween, and perhaps we could also eliminate Valentine’s Day too? But I fear its too good to be true and someone will devise a double standard so Christians lose out. Not only do Christians have to suppress all their faith in public places, they have to tolerate all the other religions as they proudly taunt us.