Wednesday, February 24, 2010

David Benke Hero Teacher

I read this story on Fox news about a teacher in Colorado that threw himself at a gunman that was targeting students in a parking lot.  It is awesome when people make these heroic decisions, like the people that brought down flight 93 on 9/11.  I know many people wonder whether they have what it takes to handle a situation like that.  I remember my senior year of high school.  I was sitting in the hallway before my first class when several boys attacked one boy.  They were beating him and this all took place in front of the "strict" disciplinarian vice principal, who was a rather large man himself.  He sat and watched while the attack continued.  Suddenly, from a class room, a small man and English teacher emerged from his class room, a Mr. Harryman.  He flung himself into the melee, pulling the attackers off of the pile, thus ending the fight.  The speed with which he came told me that his only thought was in saving the victim.  I hope I would act the same as this man did and always had respect for the man and his deed.  (he was also a Korean war Vet and a really good English teacher).  Have you ever witnessed something like this?

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