Thursday, February 4, 2010

Economic Theory Part 3:

Economy year 7:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. One of the farms has a tragedy and 2 of the most experience people die, so that there are now only 4 people left. The surplus farm offers to buy their farm in exchange for feeding each of them for 2 years. With the increased production due to irrigation, the 4 farmers split up their efforts, 2 people worked the land to plant and till. 2 worked towards extending the irrigation to the newly acquired farm. On the acquired farm, they still need meat, so they agreed to work for the surplus farm part time building storage silos and harvesting. The hunters still were able to produce. The new person worked on the domestication project. The year comes and goes. The surplus farm now extended irrigation to their two farms, doubling their yield. The hunters were able to increase their herd and begin cultivating it.

Economy Year 8:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. The farmers from the sold farm look for new land and find some. They set about starting to get it ready. They still have food for a full year, but need to get the land ready. They use their new person to work at the surplus farm full time to get seed for their new farm. The surplus farm begins to expand their lands out even further. They now have several silos completed and several more under construction with the use of the part-time labor from the sold farm. They use their new person to work with the hunters on learning how to domesticate an animal so that they can hitch it up to do the tilling. The employee from the sold farm works towards building a pen for their draft animals and to build a new market place. The hunters now have several hundred animals domesticated. Instead of hunting, they work toward gathering feed for the domesticated animals and expanding their grazing lands. They also towards cultivating poultry. The other three farms make a deal with the surplus farm to provide help at harvest time in exchange for extending irrigation to their lands. They make a 5 year contract. The year comes and goes. The hunters have early poultry and dairy. The surplus farm has workers now to help at the harvest and draft animals for next year’s crops. The other three farms now have irrigation added to their land.

Economy Year 9:

Suppose the population of each farm grew by 1 person once more. The hunters have ceased all hunting. They are now able to offer meat, eggs, and milk. The surplus farm opens their market, offering new kinds of produce, not previously offered. The hunters sell eggs and milk at the market. The surplus farm charges a price of milk in exchange for the use of the market. The other farms, with increase output of their own and more time to pursue hobbies, bring various crafts and pots in exchange for the produce and milk sold at the market. One farm makes pottery that goes for a good rate at the market. The surplus farm is now able to use their draft animals to do the tilling and planting in 20% of the time as before. The older members of the farm begin to pursue less labor intensive things, experimenting with crops and studying the land. The year comes and goes. The pottery farm was able to supplement their diet with milk and eggs in exchange for pottery, decreasing their demand for crops. They decide to sell half of their land in exchange for 2 years of produce. Another farm begins to experiment with baking grains.

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