Thursday, February 4, 2010

The First Black Female POW: What Does This Celebrate?

Are you serious. Has so little come in race relations that we must recognize something like this. To borrow a phrase from Obama, our first black President, let me be clear, I do not want to detract from this woman’s experience as a POW and her service to her country, but why must we point out the first of everything any non white person does. Like, if a white person discovers DNA, do we wait until a black person does the same and recognize his achievement. What is accomplished in doing such things is highlighting, with giant spotlights, the fact that people look different. When you highlight the accomplishment of a person of a non-white race, achieving something that has already been done, it is as if to say, “way to go, you finally made it. It took you longer, but that is because you look different, as we all know.” Why don’t we highlight white’s achieving things that Asians have already done. Why don’t I wake up and look at the yahoo headline to see a book about the first white woman to solve a mathematical equation. Is it because expectations are higher for other races? Who has set these expectations. The cruel side of this whole story is that the people that are the most vocal about racial equality are the ones that want to point out division most often. It used to be things like the first black pilot or the first black president. Now they even point out “firsts” that happen to be circumstantial, such as being a black woman taken as a POW. Wouldn’t it have been more of an accomplishment not to have been taken prisoner? Why celebrate such circumstantial things unless your agenda is to divide? Are we going to celebrate the first time a black man stands on a street corner, after all, he would be the first. And if his wife comes along, do we then celebrate the first black woman to do the same?
I don’t recall any of this having been done in the bible. I don’t recall any message of the first black disciple to heal a person or cast out demons. God cared enough about color to create the diversity we see, so that we can marvel at his creation. His creation covers all skins equally and does not favor one over the other. As Christ’s message is so clear, it is not what is on the outside that matters, but what is on the inside. Allowing ourselves to be distracted with the exterior vessels God has created, keeps us from centering on the heart that he is after. To allow ourselves to be distracted by color plays into the enemy’s hands.

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