Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to Eat Poison Unharmed

My favorite movie is the beloved “Princess Bride”. I often recall the scene where the villain is outwitted by the hero who has built immunity to deadly “iocane poison” (a fictional toxin). But it burns the question “Can you build up immunity to poison?” My answer is NO because poisons by definition are for destruction. I have read about husbands and wives killing each other slowly by poisoning with anti-freeze: Husband Laces Gatorade / Wife Laces Hubby’s Wine ("Oreo" was a friend's cat that took anti-freeze as a last drink.) I recall hearing Rat Poison is 99.7% Food and only 0.3% Poison. For some reason rats wouldn’t eat the poison unless it was surrounded undetectably in food.

My thoughts turn sharply: “Secular Humanism” is the poison and we are all in the rat race.

We can avoid Secular Humanism when it is alone, in its ugly raw form. However it is now mixed in with government, schools, sweet rhetoric, and all over society. Everything that rejects the supernatural, such as evolutionary science, leads to it. If there were labels like “WARNING: CONTAIN SECULAR HUMANISM”, we could avoid it. Where exactly can we find it quietly mixed in to the food? But we mustn’t we be diligent and point out / remove the poison?

What if we let others die slowly poisoned without trying to help them, are we then guilty of their death? – Wait, wait... Don’t think about it, here have some more yummy rat food.



jrchaard said...

I'm so happy to see such diversity on this site.

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