Monday, February 8, 2010

Movie Monday: Edge of Darkness

If you want to take a totally unoriginal concept and make it entertaining enough to watch to its completion, then you make the movie The Edge of Darkness. Starring Mel Gibson in his first role in some 7 years, the movie is about a Boston cop who roguely investigates the murder of his daughter as the two of them left the house. At first, he believes he is the target, but as he dives into his daughter’s secret life, he quickly realizes that she was the target. He discovers that she was involved in trying to blow the whistle on her employer, a powerful massachusettes defense contractor. The ensuing plot involves Gibson’s character throwing caution to the wind to bring down those that stole his daughter’s life. If you have seen taken, you basically saw this movie too.
Now, a couple of side comments on the movie. First of all, this movie was made way back in 2009. One of the characters in the movie is a Mass. Senator that is in bed with the evil defense contractor. The filmmaker went to the length of revealing that this Senator was a Republican because it is obvious that they are the party to sleep with big business. But until a month ago, nobody in their wildest dreams would have thought that Mass. would elect a republican, so I thought it was a little dishonest. The other thing is that the movie does deal with child death. While his daughter was an adult, Gibson flashes back frequently to her when she was a child. This is always to hard for me to watch. My suggestion, wait until video.


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the review. Did you actually catch this one at the movies? Maybe our next outing needs to be to the theater? After the baby stuff settles down of course :)

jrchaard said...

Yeah, we saw it Saturday night at the 9:00 showing. What I liked was how they set up the snack section. I never buy them, but on this circumstance, I really needed a drink. Now, instead of waiting in line forever, you go and get your stuff yourself, including filling your drink and go to the counter where the employees only act as cashiers. It was very fast and efficeint