Monday, February 8, 2010

Obama's Iran Policy: A Year in Review. Ahmadinejad to Become Sheriff of Rock Ridge

Do you remember during the Presidential Debates of 2008, including the Democratic Primary. One of the recurring themes from everyone but Obama was about how we should not engage Iran in unilateral talks. Obama was alone in saying that if only we could speak directly to Iran… For most average folk, I felt that this point was a little too technical and over their heads. Even George Bush mocked the suggestion saying that we won’t be able to turn Iran simply by using a convincing speech. Well, Obama got his way. Since becoming President, he has done everything to embrace our enemies. Yes, our enemies. Iran is not a friend. Iran wants our destruction possibly more than the Soviets did. Obama has engaged Iran directly over the last year. The end result of that tactic has been Iran thumbing their nose at us time and again. I watched a little bit of Blazing Saddles over the weekend. In an effort to slow down the invasion of Rock Ridge, the sheriff erects a toll booth in the middle of the plains. The invaders, like sheeople, all stood in line and went through the toll booth one by one. Iran is doing the same to us and we look just as stupid. Their diplomatic efforts are nothing more than erecting a toll booth in the middle of space, slowing us down long enough for them to complete their plan on their schedule. George Bush had his faults, but he didn’t make us look like wimps on the international scene. In the liberal Utopia, force is bad. The reality is that our ability to use force is what deters those that would destroy us from reaching their goal. I guarantee that the international heads of state are just as sick of seeing Obama as we are.

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