Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Raising the “Who’s watching” generation; How to play Dolls

We could be raising the “Are you watching me?” generation.

I had sisters growing up – I admit I played with Barbies, but I would only be Ken, AND drive the Barbie Corvette. I would exchange playtime with my sister to get her to play with me. Perhaps somewhat ashamed as a kid, now as a Dad I am grateful for sisters – otherwise I’d be clueless how to play with my little girl.

It’s really easy to play with kids if we are multitasking: Web-surfing, bill paying, making lists, watching the news, cleaning. BUT DON’T. Recalling my mentor’s advice, sometimes you have to sit and play dolls with your daughter with your entire mind. Forget what else you could be doing and give the time to them, otherwise they learn the behavior.

My third child learned to watch your eyes by age 3. If you lose eye contact – you lose him, (poof he’s gone). And I think that is what kids will be doing for the next decade. Ipad, Iphone, ITouch equals OUT OF TOUCH, but only if it’s got the parents first attention. (I’m starting a “Don’t Text and Play” campaign.)

My point: I often refer to a Wall Street Journal Article that stated “Multitasking is just paying less attention to some things.” Play with your kids like you mean it. Interact with their minds and engage their eyes. Ask for a response and wait on them, my parents did and I love them for it.

If you have no kids and have a clean background record, contact me for a way you can play with dolls and guide the next generation.


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