Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Robert Gibbs Attacks Sarah Palin's Hand: Really?

I am so enraged, that it is taking everything I have to contain the profanity I want to use to express my outrage at that absolutely pathetic attempt from Obama to attack Sarah Palin. Robert Gibbs wrote on his hand to mock Palin. This is the most elitest attack on a person I can remember. Writing on one's hand is so beneath them that every news agency feels they must mock this woman. The real story is that such an attack by Gibbs should be so beneath the White House, but not in Obama's case. What really gets my blood boiling is that Obama can't address anyone without the use of a teleprompter. Of course he has no need to write things on his hand because every word that comes out of his mouth is scripted. She delivers speeches from memory and writes a couple of notes on her hand and people think she is an idiot. My prediction is that this attack will backfire HUGE. They should have just let it go.


Shimmy said...

Sarah Palin wheedles and truckles after the first contact and the vibrations of enthusiasm and flattery that follow -- the brass band, the electric tramway between two rows of bookshops.

Igor said...

Is there other word for Dumb Donkey in this country?

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Kansas Bob said...

Did you catch Obama with the Republicans in that televised Q&A session? Unlike Palin I think that he is quick on his feet.. he is not always scripted.

But come on.. people are not persecuting Palin.. they are reacting to Palin snarking at Obama for using a teleprompter while speaking from notes (maybe a manuscript) and scribbles on her hand. What is the difference? Except that Obama is a better speaker?

Candidly I am a fan of neither Obama nor Palin. I hope that we have a better choice in 2012 than either of these folks.. of course one of them will be their party's candidate.. just hope the other is not.

Milton said...

Palin's hand job just shows all of us what kind of dullard we are up against, I have not seen this since junior high. WOW and some call her a leader....please.

thejotus said...

You can't tell the difference between writing a few notes on your hand and constantly using a teleprompter......WHEREVER HE GOES???

This guy can't even make a few comments in front of a few elementary kids without his electronic crutch...puh-lease!! Even READING his teleprompter he can't get things right: How about saying "corpsman", or should I say "corpesman", three straight times in a speech. Oh but wait, he is SUCH a good speaker...Come ON!

I’m mystified by the hypocrisy charge. Goofing on Obama for being some sort of presidential Ron Burgundy with his teleprompter is now unfair because she used......a five-word list of bullet points?

thejotus said...

Oh...and just recently, four days ago in fact, president quick-on-his-feet misidentified Gov. Bill Ritter as the “terrific governor of California.”

President better speaker was in Colorado...nice job!!

President Obama...splitting atoms. With. His. MIND!!!

jrchaard said...

there is no such thing as an obama misstatement. He gets a pass. unlike bush