Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Savage in Bed with Freud

Tonight Savage touted his love for Sigmund Freud – say it ain’t so Michael!

For those of us who forgot, Freud is a known for his belief that sexual desire drives life. He also based his assumptions on the foundations of Greek gods instead of the God of the Bible. (And had a Cocaine issues.) Could Savage admire Sigmond’s popularity, viewpoint, or Jewish identity? How liberal of him. I KNOW SAVAGE IS A ZULUBUFF READER AND he could have strings pulled to get me BANNED from this Blog, but I can be silent no more.

I get suckered in to his show all the time. I start out to like many of the stances he takes but find it hard to hang on too long. Today he went over the line, smitten on Sigmond. Simond the coke dealer, simond the pervert, the … hey did I tell you about the time my dog …. nevermind … Let me hear some music by “The Kings”.. ahhhh. I digress.

Savage is guilty of showmanship - his show is: that he is above 'the show'. However He is divided within himself. Does he believe in the OT bible, creation, flood? Then to what extent? He is very smart and uses his elitism to covertly achieve populous status – so kudos, well done old chap.

The problem is he stands on the bible only to appear taller – it is not part of his foundation. Unfortunately, this piety makes Savage similar to the hypocritical Democrats that he detests.



jrchaard said...

I love the picture. Maybe I should make it my banner. I don't listen to savage for his religious rants. He is a staunch defender of this countries christian roots and a believer that those beliefs are the only thing that will save this nation. However, I think his mind wanders to much to grasp the actual relational aspect of the faith as opposed to the rules and processes. He is an intellectual and I enjoy listening to him, so fortunately he doesn't spend a lot of time talking about his understanding of the bible.

S. Dogood said...

Fair enough. Great that he thinks poorly of others that admire communist theorist, but then he admires Freud? I can't get the whole drive home without opposing something he is saying.

Kansas Bob said...

Listened to Savage for a while.. just too arrogantly caustic for me.. I already lean that way and don't need his help :)

S. Dogood said...

caustic is a great word for it