Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bart Stupak is Pro-Life....Life of the Health Care Bill

So much is wrong with this bill and the process surrounding it, I am ashamed of our congress and President.  What I have learned is that Pro-Life may be an ambiguous term as it doesn't identify what Life you are pro.  My Case in point is Bart Stupak voting for the the bill that funds abortion.  He is certainly pro-life, pro-life for the health care bill.  He is supposed to be one of these stoic champions of the unborn,  but he has decided that a promise from the president to sign an executive order to not fund abortion federally is enough for him.  He must also realize that a president cannot sign an executive order that goes against the law.  In essence, Obama has now claimed that he has the power of the line-item-veto to mark out provisions of the bill.  This is absurd of course, but so is everything else that has to do with the bill.


Kansas Bob said...

I gave up on pro-life politicians a long time ago. IMO the terms pro-life and politician are mutually exclusive.

jrchaard said...

like sam brownback. I hear you. What's our next get together going to be.